Batteries Not Included

Carnivore Club Excerpt

Here’s a bit of the opening of the book:

Dave and I were less than a month from the altar when I discovered his membership in a kinky-bondage group that met at the Carnivore Club every Tuesday. We were an ideal couple, everyone said so. We worked hard—we were saving to buy a comfortably sprawling house for the three children we hoped one day to have. Just last week, we received news our offer on a split-level three bedroom in the suburb of Rancho Mirales was accepted, my dress was ready for a final fitting, and all my dreams for a happily ever after were about to come true. I had bridal dreams every night, some scarier than others, but with the wedding so close a few jitters were bound to happen. We woke up a little earlier than usual that morning—I should say Dave woke me up. He’s a morning person when it comes to lovemaking and I opened my eyes to find him pressed against me, his hardness pushed into the hollow of my back, his hands caressing my abdomen, then venturing higher. I take mornings slowly, and not always cheerfully, but Dave’s hands rubbing slow circles on my breasts and his warm breath tickling the fine, soft hairs at the base of my neck were too enticing for me to be anything but eager, warm and willing. “Morning,” I said. “Morning,” Dave answered. “In the mood?”

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