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Here’s an excerpt:

Lost in reminiscence, she didn’t hear the sound of feet scuffing through sand until a soft cough cut through her reverie.

Her head jerked at the noise, and she squinted her eyes to make out the figure approaching from the direction of the houses. He wore a heavy jacket, hands buried in his pockets, and was heading straight for her. She tensed. The beach party folks were really quite a distance away, and she was alone. What if it was someone who meant her harm?

Arms wrapped tight around herself, she studied the stranger. Then the moon lit up the man’s face—taut jaw, high cheekbones and lips thinned with determination as he approached.  The man’s features looked familiar. When he stood a few feet away, alarm surged through her body. She wasn’t ready for this meeting yet. She was planning to call him, to call all the gang as soon as she worked up her nerve. Her heart ached at the memory of their last meeting and she winced. “Hi Sam.”

He moved in closer. Tension radiated off him, fueling her own nervousness “Hey, Andi.”

She pushed herself off the sand, before glancing back up at him. Tall and lean, his dark hair was a little shorter than the ponytail she remembered, just touching his collar. Peering into his face, she waited for signs of disdain she deserved. The remorse and guilt she’d carried since their last meeting was another reason she’d strolled the beach everyday. How could she have blown him off the way she had? “What are you doing here?”

One Night At The Beach

Monday, August 16 One Night at the Beach will be released. Here’s the blurb:

A reunion on a moonlit beach may lead to passion and enduring love for Sam and Andi, who have parted after a misunderstanding that drove them apart for years. But will the passage of time have brought them together or just made it more likely for them to say goodbye again—this time for good.

 My family had a beachhouse at Sunset Beach, and the house in the story is based on our next door neighbors, who were television people and who had a MUCH bigger house than our little cottage. I wrote it with so many memories in mind of that time, and yes, there were many nights with bonfires up at Bolsa Chica in high school and college…