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Demons Love Cinnamon

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Meet a Contest Winner

Calgary, Alberta-Breathless Press is pleased to announce one of the winners of its first annual Halloween contest, Demons Love Cinnamon by Kate Richards is a 10K romance story that will be published on October 29th, 2010. Please enjoy the following blurb and excerpt-


Archaic and powerful demon, Alessandro, knew never to disappoint his overlord, but Samhain night on Earth is a new experience for this red-hot guy. When a captivating scent leads him to a Halloween party, he finds Gwenny. The witch is everything he never even knew to dream of. The only problem is, he’s due back in Hell in the morning with somebody’s soul…and it looks like it may be hers.

Unable to resist Alessandro’s wicked allure, Gwenny doesn’t realize the danger she’s in until their night of passion comes to an end. If Lucifer’s demands are refused, will they both survive, or will Gwenny lose her heart and soul to her cinnamon-loving demon?


He muttered something, and she tilted her head, unable to make it out.

“Louder please?”

“I said I’m like candy.”

“Like…candy?” Gwenny was getting more confused by the moment, and she pulled away from him. “Why are you like candy?”

He tucked an arm under his head and smiled slightly. “Well, like heroin maybe. I mean I’m addictive. Not just me,” he qualified. “All of us. Once you’ve been with me, I’m afraid you won’t be satisfied by a mortal man. And I don’t want to do that to you.”

“Oh, right,” she said. “So if I…if we…go to bed together tonight, then you leave, and my sex life will never make me happy, again. Have I got that right?”

“Yes, that’s about it.”

“I see. Hmmm.” She tapped her finger on her knee and looked at the demon again. He was damn cute. And she hadn’t had sex for quite some time anyway, since she didn’t make a practice of sleeping around. But something about this man, this demon, touched her in a way she hadn’t felt in a long time. Maybe never.

He was incredibly handsome and totally built. But there were a lot of guys out there who looked good. He was strong; she could feel his muscles flexing when he held her. And he smelled so good, spicy in a way that she found incredibly appealing. But the real truth was, he had an air of vulnerability about him that she would never have expected to find in a demon—even if she had known they existed. It made her want to protect him, to use her power to save him from the punishment he was facing just to spend a little time with her—a human he met only a couple of hours before.

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3 responses

  1. April L. Strength

    this sound awesome i love premise thanks 🙂

    October 8, 2010 at 5:17 am

  2. Thanks April! I hope you like it.

    October 8, 2010 at 7:25 am

  3. Becca Dale

    This sounds so good, Kate. I can’t wait.

    October 8, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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