Batteries Not Included

Demons Love Cinnamon – a giveaway

Halloween is a huge event at our house. We celebrate all weekend, we get tons of trick or treaters and our decorations are insane. My brother, a skilled woodworker and furniture maker, made our coffin table, which becaust of it’s authentic pointy corners only comes out for the week of the holiday. We kept it out a whole year…but too many bruised ankles voted it into storage the rest of the year. Just to get into the house requires getting through our spooky courtyard, with its terrifying sounds and fog machine generated miasma. The kids love it….although some of the little ones have to get their candy at the gate. We make fantastic food, the menu is usally planned months in advance and the most creative drinks.

Now here’s the contest, In order to help me with this year’s party, I would love to get a new scary drink recipe and a great Halloween party recipe. Please email your recipes to: and I will post them here. We will let commenters vote and the contributer of the best drink recipe and food recipe will get a basket of goodies sent to them, along with a copy of Demons Love Cinnamon.  Now, Alessandro insists that they all contain cinnamon- I don’t, but I think you might get a bit of extra credit if they do!

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