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Relay for Life

This month I am so honored that my book, One Night at the Beach is the featured Relay for Life book at Decadent Publishing. The publisher is donating a portion of all sales of this book in the month of January to this excellent cause. Here is a very moving letter I received the other day. You can buy a copy of One Night at the Beach at Decadent’s very lovely website.

Dear Kate,
At this point in our Relay planning, we’d like to share an inspirational story with you.
We all support the American Cancer Society Relay For Life for our own reasons, whether we have survived cancer ourselves or watched a loved one struggle with the disease.
For Renita Wickes, the experience of having cancer has turned out to have a silver lining. Renita turned to the American Cancer Society when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1997. She became involved in Relay For Life after losing her mother to breast cancer in 2002:
“I felt like my life had been destroyed when I first lost my mom to cancer. I found hope again when I walked the track in her honor.”
“I Relay in the hope that we will soon alleviate the suffering of cancer patients and their families and so that I know I am not alone in the war against cancer and that I am not the only one who has been hurt.”

In 2008, Renita encouraged her brother to attend Relay alongside her:
“It was my brother’s first Relay. I don’t think we ever talked much about my mom and me having cancer or about her losing her battle. It was his first time hearing me speak publicly and it overwhelmed him.”
“My life has changed tremendously. I feel honored by the fact that, through the American Cancer Society, I am able to raise awareness about cancer prevention and treatment. I know that one day our purple ribbon will stand for the fact that we have found a cure.”

Breathless Press Submissions Call

Breathless Press is a royalty paying publisher actively acquiring racy, salacious, hot stories, ranging in lengths of 5,000 to 100,000 words.

We are accepting romance and erotic romance in all subgenre’s, including but not limited to, paranormal, historical, suspense, and contemporary. This includes all niches such as BDSM, M/M, F/F, and ménage.

We are seeking romances with intriguing plots, strong writing, and a pace that grabs the readers? attention from page one holding it to the very end. We look for interesting, three-dimensional characters who are separated by emotional conflict or the twists and turns of the plot. And who, in the end, overcome the barriers keeping them apart and live happily ever after. We particularly enjoy originality—either in plot, character, or writing style—that will differentiate the story from others of the genre without losing the distinct flavor of a romance.

As we are an e-book publisher, we accept electronic submissions only. Please send a query letter in the body of the message including your name, email address, title, genre, synopsis, and word count. Be sure to include any credits including publishing history you may have. Send it along with the full manuscript in doc or rtf format as an attachment to

For more information on submission guidelines go to:;

Once upon a time there were three little authors…

This is the cover of my installment to the series 1NightStand, a brain child of Valerie Mann, Olivia Starke and well…me! Last summer, we were gabbing, as we always do, when one of us…I think it was Valerie, said hey I have an idea!

Well, it took a few months for the three of us to get around to actually acting on our genius, but we each produced a short story and submitted them to Decadent Publishing, who we had mentioned this to (last summer) and who still loved us enough to look at our little bites of passion. 

In fact, Decadent loved the idea enough to open submissions and authors have been flooding us with stories so good and so HOT we’re in ecstasy! It went from a trilogy to a series…and wow!

I can’t wait to see what comes next, what other authors will make of this idea. One Night Stand…who does the mysterious Madam Evangeline have for you?

Devil’s and Angel’s Cover!

Here is the cover for Devil’s and Angels, which will be out on 1/28!

The Scariest Place in the World

Okay, to me this is the scariest place in the world. The overlook above Mono Lake, you can see for miles. The other day it was a bowl of fog, so beautiful I promised to put my fears aside and let the hubs get out and take a picture. So I wanted to share it with everyone. I hate edges, but I love the man who took the picture!

Devils and Angels

This coming week my latest in the series: Tales of Internet Romance will be available at Breathless Press. I met my own husband online, but I know not every guy is a sweetie!  And my heroine, Cari, is not nearly as lucky with computer meet-ups as I was! I’d love to hear from readers about their own internet dating experiences!

Executive Cari Walsh has bad luck with men. Especially her most recent Internet guy, Hayward. He’s  handsome–and unexpectedly married.  But when  the angelic Gabriel steps in to rescue her from the lying devil, Cari discovers her luck and her life are about to change for the good.

Excerpt – Devils and Angels

Cari’s fingertips tingled with adrenalin. Images from her nightmares flashed in front of her panic-stricken gaze. She would see him dead before he took her baby away. She felt the world start to spin and everything went black.

As her knees buckled, Cari felt herself caught and held against a muscular chest, strong arms supporting her and keeping her from falling. “Is something wrong here?” A deep voice cut through the haze in her head. “Are you quite all right, darling? Is this man bothering you?”

Through the receding darkness, Cari saw the lightly dusted, golden-haired forearms locked around her upper body. She suddenly knew who her savior was—again. “No, I-I just felt dizzy for a moment, Gabriel. I’m fine, but if you would help me to my office so I can sit down?”

“Of course.” Ignoring Hayward, Gabriel put a solicitous arm over her shoulder, and they walked past a grinning Glenda into the office building. He accompanied her up in the elevator and down the hallway, while curious coworkers stared. Although she held her breath, Hay must have thought better of following them. He was probably gnashing his teeth out on the sidewalk.

By the time they reached her assistant’s desk, Cari was feeling much better. “Lisa, would you please hold my calls for a few moments?”

“Yes, Miss Walsh. Can I get you anything?” Lisa stood up and seemed unsure of whether to come out from behind her desk or stay where she was.

“No, Lisa, it’s okay.” Cari, now standing on her own two feet, opened her office door and beckoned Gabriel in. “Have a seat. I think we need to talk. ” If he was going to rescue her at every turn, she needed to tell him what he was saving her from—at least.

Pen and the Muse Review for Demons Love Cinnamon

Book review: Demons Love Cinnamon by: Kate Richards

By Tammy Elizabeth Southin

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Title: Demons Love Cinnamon
Author: Kate Richards
Author Website:
: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, Witches & Demons
Publisher: Breathless Press
Price: $1.99
Link to purchase

What I liked:  “Yes well sorry again,” she said, and took a step further away from him.

But the vision of male perfection reached out and laid a hand on her arm. “Do you have to go?”

This woman was a mystery, one he wanted to solve.

Why did walking away from him make her want to cry?

He wanted her to believe in him.


Who knew cinnamon could be so powerful and so seductively tempting? Scent and its mental associations make this the most compelling human aspect of the five senses. Can a non-human resist the lure of a force so strong?

In just one night, so much can change when so much is at stake.

Alessandro is the handsome demon on a mission to bring a mortal soul back to Hell, and if he wants to avoid the ultimate personal costs, Alessandro will obey implicitly. On the most mysterious night of the year, Alessandro almost succeeds in his quest. But will the captivating witch Gwenny prove to be more than Alessandro bargained for? Does Alessandro have the strength to resist the temptation of good over evil? How will Gwenny and Alessandro’s lives play out if they give into their lustful longings laden with dangerous consequences?

Kate Richards is back with her latest novella Demons Love Cinnamon and she gives readers a poignant tale mixed with stimulating sexual sizzle. Rich details heighten the paranormal and human elements in a story providing plenty of romantic escapism into the perfect escape. Richards ensures her characters linger in memory long after the final page – until the next encounter with cinnamon stirs up pleasant recollections.


Welcome 2011

First post, new year. Last year was incredibly exciting, as I had 7 books published! I was pretty excited with my first year as an author. But this year is even more thrilling as Decadent Publishing has selected my book One Night at the Beach as the Relay for Life book for the month. This means part of every sale will be contributed to this fine charity that helps so many people! Who hasn’t been saddened by the loss or pain of someone they love to cancer? I welcome the chance to help and in this cold wintry time, a nice beach romance….

 Buy the book here: 

Check out Relay for Life here: