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Once upon a time there were three little authors…

This is the cover of my installment to the series 1NightStand, a brain child of Valerie Mann, Olivia Starke and well…me! Last summer, we were gabbing, as we always do, when one of us…I think it was Valerie, said hey I have an idea!

Well, it took a few months for the three of us to get around to actually acting on our genius, but we each produced a short story and submitted them to Decadent Publishing, who we had mentioned this to (last summer) and who still loved us enough to look at our little bites of passion. 

In fact, Decadent loved the idea enough to open submissions and authors have been flooding us with stories so good and so HOT we’re in ecstasy! It went from a trilogy to a series…and wow!

I can’t wait to see what comes next, what other authors will make of this idea. One Night Stand…who does the mysterious Madam Evangeline have for you?

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