Batteries Not Included

Relay for Life

This month I am so honored that my book, One Night at the Beach is the featured Relay for Life book at Decadent Publishing. The publisher is donating a portion of all sales of this book in the month of January to this excellent cause. Here is a very moving letter I received the other day. You can buy a copy of One Night at the Beach at Decadent’s very lovely website.

Dear Kate,
At this point in our Relay planning, we’d like to share an inspirational story with you.
We all support the American Cancer Society Relay For Life for our own reasons, whether we have survived cancer ourselves or watched a loved one struggle with the disease.
For Renita Wickes, the experience of having cancer has turned out to have a silver lining. Renita turned to the American Cancer Society when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1997. She became involved in Relay For Life after losing her mother to breast cancer in 2002:
“I felt like my life had been destroyed when I first lost my mom to cancer. I found hope again when I walked the track in her honor.”
“I Relay in the hope that we will soon alleviate the suffering of cancer patients and their families and so that I know I am not alone in the war against cancer and that I am not the only one who has been hurt.”

In 2008, Renita encouraged her brother to attend Relay alongside her:
“It was my brother’s first Relay. I don’t think we ever talked much about my mom and me having cancer or about her losing her battle. It was his first time hearing me speak publicly and it overwhelmed him.”
“My life has changed tremendously. I feel honored by the fact that, through the American Cancer Society, I am able to raise awareness about cancer prevention and treatment. I know that one day our purple ribbon will stand for the fact that we have found a cure.”

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