Batteries Not Included

Happy Mother’s Day – From a non-mom

I am not a mom. That said, I will take credit for being an aunt to many. These guys are most, but not all of them. I have Ashley and Keri in Missouri, Gary and Zack in Denver, and my lovely grown-up niece, Nicole who is mom to one of the hoodlums in this innocent Christmas image. I love every one of them with every fiber of my being, but I admire their moms more than words can say. I visit, play, tell stories and lend support on occasion, but their moms are there morning, noon and night. And yeah, they’re adorable, but–shock of all shocks–they are not perfect. They have their quirks and oddities, one is a worrier, another plans to be scientiest when he grows up and gets a gleam in his eye tht scares me.  Those babies make me ever so thankful to their moms for everything they do for them to make them the fantastic people they are.

To all you moms out there, have a wonderful mother’s day and you can’t hear it often enough, thank you!

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