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Avalon for Christmas is here!

And it’s in print! I have a number of stories out, fourteen to be exact, and at least a couple are scheduled to be in print down the line but The More the Merrier, Decadent Publishing’s Christmas menage anthology is the first time one of them has actually come out in a print book and been in my hot little hands. I cried…yes, I’m that wussy. Not that all the rest aren’t beloved, but something about seeing my own words on the page of one of my most favorite things in the world is very special. I wonder if sleeping with it under my pillow is good luck… 🙂 Happy Black Friday!

The More the Merrier (volume 1)

 Available today on! Stephanie Williams, Ann Maybur and Deanna Wadsworth all interpret what more than two can do to make the holidays bright!

My story is Avalon for Christmas. This is my very first menage and it was like a cookie…I want more! The idea of three people who belong together, who answer one another’s needs AND light one another’s fire appeals to me. Why not? It might be harder, but why couldn’t they make it work. So…I asked to be included in this anthology and was told great, but since I’d asked so late I had very limited time to write it.

Noooo problem! I thought.

At some point I realized I’d never written one before. And my minor in psychology really came into play as I considered all the possible ways these three could make each other blissfully happy or utterly miserable. Fortunately, my characters have minds of their own and had no problem showing me how they cared for one another, what they found mouth-watering about each other and what they intended to do about that.

In the end, it was about five minutes before my deadline when I hit send, but I hope I captured what my trio of happy island holidaymakers wanted me to say. The story will be released as a separate eBook on November 25th…or you could pick up the print (yes!!! I am in print!!!) today from

Housecleaning is not for sissies

You might think this is a picture of a witch about to terrorize Oz, but it’s the closest I can find to my expression at realizing my plans for having an immaculate house…now that I work from home have fallen through. Turns out that this big plus–one my husband was thrilled to hear about–ain’t happening. I work twice the hours I did at my day job and the folks around here are lucky that I actually stop to cook dinner. Other than that, I do just enough to keep the dust bunnies from forming a gang and eating the cats.

But the holidays are coming, and I am inspired today! I worked 18 hours yesterday so I can be free to spend the day cleaning! Well, I was inspired yesterday morning when I thought of it. And last night when I shut the computer off at 12:30a.m. Ok, I worked 181/2 hours.

This morning I’m far less inspired but I did promise myself. I think the dog is getting asthma from dust. So…I have begun, magic broom and machete at the ready! I will have to let you know how it goes, but I suspect the bunnies know I’m coming, so if I don’t report in anywhere by the end of the day send help!