Batteries Not Included

Epicon 2012 -Networking, workshops and a haunted hotel!

< I just returned from San Antonio yesterday afternoon. Conferences are amazing. They get authors and editors out of the house and out pajamas and allow us to associate with one another and with readers and bloggers, reviewers…there is no better opportunity for feedback…and hugs!
But the Menger Hotel, where we were treated like royalty, is haunted. Yep, and some of us saw ghosts…I heard one! Standing in an elevator where my partenr in crime Valerie Mann had been aware of a presence the day before I decided to try something. It was about 11 at night and I was all alone in this very old, very slow car when I turned to the corner where the ghost had stood and said “Hello”. My bravery fled when the corner said. “Yes.” No…I didn’t try to claw my way out, but I did begin to stare at the numbers and pray that the elevator wouldn’t break down. Although an hour alone in an elevator with a ghost would have provided an opportunity to as a few questons…

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