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The Virgin and the Playboy Tshirt Giveaway!

In honor of my good friend and fellow author Kali Willows first radio interview on the subject of erotic romance, and because I’m almost done with the sequel to the story….I will give a Tshirt to a randomly selected commenter on this post…and a copy of The Virgin and the Playboy, Book #2 in Decadent Publishing’s successful 1Night Stand series!

Just tell us, what’s your favorite sexy scene in a book you’ve read in the past year?

The Milkman cometh…releasing Tuesday!

It’s always exciting to have a new release and this is my first in the Decadent Publishing series: The Edge. Sexy stories one and all, I hope mine will be a hit, too!

1Nght Stand Blog Hope Winners!

The winners of the 1Night Stand Bloghop have been drawn! My winner, of a copy 0f The Virgin and the Playboy and I’ve added a Tshirt! is Shadow of Shadowluvs2read and I’ve sent her an email.
The Grand Prize Winners have been annoounced! Click on the bloghop button for all the information and to link to everyone else and see if you won at their stops. It was huge fun and thanks to Jessica Subject who did most of the work and set up everything, to all the other authors and Decadent Publishing…and to the guests who made this party a huge success!

1Night Stand Bloghop!

Once upon a time there were three little authors. Valerie Mann, penner of short and very deep, sexy stories. Olivia Starke, known for her paranormals with a humorous twist…and of course heat. And me, Kate Richards, admirer of them both. We had an idea for some stories about a mysterious matchmaker, Madame Evangeline, who would set people up for a one-night stand. They had to have a reason to want this, and they would always get more than they bargained for.

We presented our three stories to Decadent Publishing and were asked to get more. So we invited our friends, and they invited their friends and wonderful authors we only dreamed of working with invited themselves and the villagers errr editors rejoiced! Ms. Mann and I have been to conventions across the country and met more authors and readers and we couldn’t be prouder of ourselves, Decadent Publishing, the line editors for the series, Nicole and Cassandra…and our senior editor who tries to keep us from losing our minds, Lea. Oh…and the authors who make it all happen. It’s lots of fun and after nearly a year and a half and almost 150 stories, we’re ready to celebrate! Leave a comment and I will select a random person to win a copy of my first 1Night Stand book, The Virgin and the PLayboy and all commenters at all the participating sites will be entered to win one of the grand prizes! Click on the Blog Hop Button for details! And click on the link button below to visit all these authors for the most chances to win! Oh…and be sure to leave your email in your comment, so if you win, we can find you to get you your prize!