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Winner of the Black Friday Blog Hop!

My winner is Taryn Kincaid! Congrats, Taryn and thanks everyone for coming by!

Black Friday Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Black Friday Blog Hop. At this stop we will pick one commenter at random to win a copy of The Virgin and the Best Man. Check out the link at the end for all the other participants. There are prizes to be had at every stop!
Excerpt HERE:
“Oh, dear heavens, you set us up with dates? From that Madame Eve woman you two used to meet each other?”
Ray stared at his brother. “Are you kidding me? You thought I needed a date? I go out all the time.”
“Yeah, you do,” Mark said. “All the time, but rarely the same girl twice. I want—we want you two to have a chance to meet someone special, picked out just for you.”
“And when are these dates supposed to happen?” Karen’s voice squeaked. “Do we just email to set it up when we get back home?”
Julia smiled. “No, we wanted to give you what we had, the first time we met.” She leaned on Mark’s shoulder and he dropped a kiss on her hair. “An evening with your perfect match at The Castillo, Las Vegas.”
“So.” Ray tried to put it all together, to decide if he was happy, upset…insulted? “We’ll have these blind dates tomorrow then? Because the next day, I’m flying everyone back to Seattle.”
The bride and groom exchanged a glance and Karen sank back in her seat.
“Not tonight.” Mark said.
Ray laughed, waving the “gift” in front of him. “There’s no way it could be tonight. We have the rehearsal dinner and probably a hundred other things to do with the families. You do mean tomorrow, right?”
Karin grimaced, her eyes narrowed. “If it’s tonight, it will have to change. I’m the maid of honor and I have a lot to do—maybe we can arrange something for another time. It’s very sweet of you, but—”
“No buts, cousin,” Julia said. “It’s tonight, it’s all paid for, and your date will be expecting you.”
“Oh God, no. I’m supposed to go to your rehearsal dinner, go on a date then be up early for all the festivities tomorrow?”
“It’s not even possible.” Karin’s shoulders slumped, eyes half closed. Suddenly they opened wide. “Julia! Aren’t these one-night stand dates? Doesn’t that mean both parties expect to have,” her voice dropped, “ S-E-X, with a complete stranger?”
Her pale skin flushed, the blush creeping down her to the round neckline of her black T-shirt.
“Are you okay?” he asked. A strand of hair fell over her eyes and he pushed it over her shoulder. “Take a sip of your water.” He glared at the happy couple snuggled close on the opposite seat. “Tell her she doesn’t have to have S-E…sex with anyone.” The very idea enraged him. A delicate beauty like her, in the arms of some brute while he—no, that wasn’t going to happen. Not if he could prevent it.

The Virgin and the Best Man

Blurb: : Mark and Julia from The Virgin and the Playboy have set the date! They are to be married at The Castillo Las Vegas, where they met on their 1Night Stand. All their family and friends are invited and they have planned a special surprise for their maid of honor and best man.

Karin, Julia’s cousin, is a small town librarian chose family obligations over her dreams of the stars. She loves them all, but wonders when it will be her turn to live as she wishes…if it isn’t too late

Ray, commercial pilot, is every bit as much a playboy as his brother Mark used to be. He isn’t opposed to finding The One, but fears his brother has collected the only perfect jewel.

What more appropriate gift for these two than a 1Night Stand with a date personally selected for them by Madame Evangeline.