Batteries Not Included

Spanking Ms. Kate

Yesterday I was racing through a few errands. Post office to mail off a couple of contest winner goodies, bank, grocery store…panicked to get home and try to whip through the impossible to complete list of tasks realated to my awesome and wonderful dream job.

I wanted to be a writer since at least 7th grade. And I’ve been reading and loving books since I was 4. All of a sudden at the grand old age of 53 I am almost two years into the best job I could imaagine…and almost three years published. I roll out of bed and land at work with a cup of fresh-brewed Sumatra and my slipper-clad feet up on the desk. I never ever dreamed I would be able to do this…at least before official retirement age. Yet…I have managed to add as much stress to this career as I did to the one I gladly left behind.

Why? It’s not because I am desperate for money. Although I don’t make as much as I did, my husband has a good job and is completely supportive of my endeavor. We aren’t rich but we certainly have enough for our needs. I was told never to expect to make a living in the book world of editing and writing…well, that person was a pessimist. I think it’s because I spent over 30 years on the hamster wheel and only thought I allowed myself off. That is a heck of a lot of training. Hi, I’m Kate and (no shock to those of you who know me) I am a workaholic. I took 2 days off in 2 years.I suspect with a little less nuttiness and a little more down time I will get more done anyway!

We shall see…I suspect it’s more of an attitude adjustment than anything and a little prioritizing. After all, I love writing better than chocolate but I think I’ve been approaching my new fun life like a rat fresh from the rat race and as Diane Keaton says in my favorite movie ever, Baby Boom…I think the rat race is going to have to do with one less rat. It’s not my job that’s the problem, it’s my attitude! And Mr. Marks in Spanking Ms. Whitman would know just what to do about this.

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