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Christmas Afternoon Delight

Christmas Afternoon Delight was my first foray into writing BDSM and luckily has a nice bit of spanking! It’s Book 2 of the Carnivore Club series.

She was so fucking responsive to him. “You may answer. Do you agree that there should be punishment for your transgression, Lily?”
“Yes,”—a pause—“Yes, sir.”
“Ah, you learn,” he said, caressing her cheek below the black mask. “So perhaps we shall not have too many punishments. But for now, come, I’m sorry to have to begin this way, but you have to learn.” He took her arm in firm fingers and drew her with him to the couch. Sitting, he pulled her over his lap, facedown

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Erotic Menage Nominee – Two Men and a Virgin

Two men and a virgin_MDErotic menage nominee

I’m proud to announce Two Men and a Virgin has been nominated at Mary’s Naughty Whispers! I’d love your vote
Two Men and a Virgin is available here

Here’s a taste: “I need to ask you something first.”
His brow furrowed, but he shrugged. “Okay.”
“Does Madame Eve know the location of your secret place?” Out there in the dark, with the sprinkle of stars to light the black velvet night, the reality of proceeding blindfolded into the desert with a stranger, no matter how attractive, seemed dangerous. If the answer was no, she would ask him to turn the car around and hope she wasn’t already too late.
“Yes,” he said, in a low voice. “She insisted.” When she still clutched his arm, he smiled. “I understand caution, let me show you something.” Lukas reached over her to the center console. So close, his warmth and the clean scent of soap went to her head. Hang on, Jane. Even if he is the cutest guy you’ve ever met, and smells so good.
He retrieved his cell phone and clicked to a text message. “Look at this.”
I have confirmed the location of your date and we can schedule your evening. I hope you understand the safety of my clients is paramount, yours as well as Ms. Summers. Thank you for your cooperation. M.E.
Reassured, Jane faced away from him. “Do it, then.” She closed her eyes and tried not to flinch as the soft cloth covered her face. It tightened and then his hands dropped to her shoulders.
“Okay?” His fingers rested on her collarbones, inches from her breasts. Her eyes strained, but the several folds prevented the least bit of starlight from entering.
“I can’t see a thing.” But she could still feel his touch moving down her arms, past her short sleeves, and onto bare skin. The desert wind soughed; her heart thumped in her ears. Hyperaware of the man behind her, she waited to see what he would do next.

Saturday Spankings Bloghop!

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Crack! Searing pain rushed through her limbs and tears flooded her vision. She squeezed her eyes closed and choked out, “One.”
Mona clenched her ass cheeks but the second slap hurt much worse, like fire on her upper thigh. I thought all the spanks were on the ass. “Oh, two!”
“Good. Now we begin for real.”
“W-what? Those weren’t real?”
His hand rested with casual familiarity on her upper leg, so close, if he’d move an inch higher…

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