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Before there were Two Men and a Virgin…

Two men_MD

There were Two Men. My first M/M story, written upon reader request and because Rex and Paul, my incredibly sexy forest ranger and firefighter had a great story to tell. These two men embody all that is sexy and desirable to me in men. Strength, mascuuline beauty, kindness and a great capacity to love. Here’s a little bit about the guys:

Forest ranger Rex has never been with a man, but his overwhelming feelings toward his best friend are driving him to distraction. After catching Paul in an intimate moment, he flees, but determines to find a way to get his friend in his bed.

Paul is a ladies’ man from way back, always making jokes, never being serious about anything but his job as a fire fighter. But after many years of friendship, he is surprised to find himself watching Rex cross a room and imagining him naked, under him. But does he really want to make love to a man? Or will he make a fool of himself?

A 1Night Stand in the beautiful Caribbean may hold the answer to both their questions.

I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Rites of Spring Blog Hop


Welcome to Spring.
The Rites of Spring Bloghop is all about firsts, so I thought I’d list a few of mine.
My first published book, Finally, My Love, was released 6/18/2010. It was about the first time I met my husband. Loosely.
My first book in the 1Night Stand Series, The Virgin and the Playboy was released 3/18/2011. It was the first of five (so far) Virgin stories…all of them about firsts.
My first visits to Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington have all been since then and all because of the stories I write and the readers who are kind enough to read them.
My first time teaching (despite the fact that I have had a teaching degree for a very long time) was a workshop last year. Also…because of my writing

Sometimes I wonder what I did before I wrote books, and whatever it was…it didn’t make me this happy! Happy Spring to my readers, my fellow authors, my publishers and everyone. Remember it’s never too late in life for firsts, and they are what keeps the sparkle in our eyes and the spring in our steps. I was fifty when I published that first book, BTW.

The many happy authors are giving away a Kindle Fire and $50.00 gift card and you may enter here. a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am offering a copy of your choice of the Virgin series…just leave a comment and I will have one of my minions draw a winner at random. Be sure to visit every one of the authors’ sites and see what goodies they have to give away. Happy Spring!



Today’s topic is: the universe knows best. Those of you who know me know that I never willingly take on public speaking engagements. You also know that the big one in the sky, God, Goddess, the Force, will push us until we learn what we need to, make the progress or get the heck over our crap. so tiwce in a row, I have been forced to stand up in front of a group of people and do workshops…without my friend Valerie Mann who has no problem whatsover doing these things.

I did not faint, die or drool. And since it’s a topic I am madly passionate about…I love it once I get started. And afterward I feel amazing. My reward is the reader ebook fair to take place this afternoon. There is nothing better than seeing the faces of those who read and love our work. Reminds us that while we sit in the cave for days on end, only emerging to feed our starving families…the books do go out there, real people read them, and yes…they like them. I don’t know how many people will come this afternoon, but I have all kinds of goodies, candy, and some surprises to thank the amazing readers who make it possible for me to have the very best job in the entire world!


Red Lion at the Quay
Hi from Vancouver, Washington. Yes…there is a Vancouver in the US no matter what you may have heard Despite the fact that we found tons of things to do in Vancouver WA that turned out to be in Vancouver, BC. A whole different country, people.

This Vancouver hugs the beautiful Columbia River,as does the hotel. I intended to go yesterday afternoon and wander the streets, look at the old brick buildings, maybe buy something, but once I hit the lobby I ran into a group of familiar faces and never left the building. The entire day.

There is nothing like a conference to give us a breath of fresh air (even lobby air) and remind us how wonderful our job is. I get up every morning, anxious to get to my desk and write a little, edit a little, or a lot. But coming here and seeing Desiree Holt, Virginia Nelson, Debi Sullivan and so many of the others is a pretty darn awesome benefit!

So, this is the sentimental blog, next gossip. Who wore their pajamas to breakfast…not that I’ve ever made it to breakfast at any conference, but maybe someone did. Okay, too much fun…later gators!

To the Dungeon with You or When Research Meets Real Life

castleSince I returned from the Naughty Sleepover, I have been doing two things 1. Trying to get over the nasty cold/flu/ghost plague I returned with as did several others I know of and 2. Processing the information gleaned from a suprise opportunity to visit a dungeon in the countryside outside San Antonio. I love writing BDSM, and take every chance to learn from those who live the lifestyle 24/7 but until now it has been mostly online or sitting chatting in hotel lounges, restaurants…heck even on airplanes. But for the first time, courtesy of Master Mike and his friends, I was able to observe what goes on in person.

I love to write relationships of all kinds, how people make things work between them in a world that is not always supportive of their choices. Menage, f/f, m/m….BDSM. None of this is new, people have always exercised their rights to care for one another in their own way. But often they must do it behind closed doors to avoid derision, persecution, even death. I usuallly think of BDSM in relationshiop terms, but I learned that night that sometimes flogging is just flogging. Or at least does not mean a long-term commitment. Several people took advantage of the opportunity to have leather straps laid across their backs or to have an electric massage. Because I am not any kind of exhibitionist, I prefer my experimentation in a more private environment than was afforded. No…I did not strip naked and fling myself across a spanking bench.

But a very kind Dom allowed me to go through his toy bag and ask questions. A sadist told me all about her favorite games with subs. I learned the difference between a pet and a slave. And I learned that all these things can take place in an old house in the country with a few pieces of dungeon furniture and a group of people who enjoy one another. While the visitors who chose to participate were welcomed, there was a big difference between their play and what I observed among the regulars. There, the affection shone through.

I am proud to live in a country where people can express their feelings and live their relationships in the ways they like. I know there are laws on the books in some states that make this lifestyle harder, but overall, I doubt there are many places in the world where people can be as open and free. Who knew a night in the dungeon would lead to a burst of patriotic spirits.