Batteries Not Included


Red Lion at the Quay
Hi from Vancouver, Washington. Yes…there is a Vancouver in the US no matter what you may have heard Despite the fact that we found tons of things to do in Vancouver WA that turned out to be in Vancouver, BC. A whole different country, people.

This Vancouver hugs the beautiful Columbia River,as does the hotel. I intended to go yesterday afternoon and wander the streets, look at the old brick buildings, maybe buy something, but once I hit the lobby I ran into a group of familiar faces and never left the building. The entire day.

There is nothing like a conference to give us a breath of fresh air (even lobby air) and remind us how wonderful our job is. I get up every morning, anxious to get to my desk and write a little, edit a little, or a lot. But coming here and seeing Desiree Holt, Virginia Nelson, Debi Sullivan and so many of the others is a pretty darn awesome benefit!

So, this is the sentimental blog, next gossip. Who wore their pajamas to breakfast…not that I’ve ever made it to breakfast at any conference, but maybe someone did. Okay, too much fun…later gators!

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