Batteries Not Included

Before there were Two Men and a Virgin…

Two men_MD

There were Two Men. My first M/M story, written upon reader request and because Rex and Paul, my incredibly sexy forest ranger and firefighter had a great story to tell. These two men embody all that is sexy and desirable to me in men. Strength, mascuuline beauty, kindness and a great capacity to love. Here’s a little bit about the guys:

Forest ranger Rex has never been with a man, but his overwhelming feelings toward his best friend are driving him to distraction. After catching Paul in an intimate moment, he flees, but determines to find a way to get his friend in his bed.

Paul is a ladies’ man from way back, always making jokes, never being serious about anything but his job as a fire fighter. But after many years of friendship, he is surprised to find himself watching Rex cross a room and imagining him naked, under him. But does he really want to make love to a man? Or will he make a fool of himself?

A 1Night Stand in the beautiful Caribbean may hold the answer to both their questions.

I hope you will love them as much as I do!

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