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Break My Heart by Stephanie Beck

Home to Hellas_MD

I’ve never been one of those girls who needs piles of angst to trigger strong emotion. Little things can get the waterworks going—a song, the perfect picture, a grumpy word at just the wrong moment—so when The Challenge Series call came at Decadent Publishing, I wasn’t sure how to jump.

I’m not a dramatic girl and though I value a good conflict, I prefer the ‘us against the world’ type plot. I feel conflict faced together makes a couple sooo much stronger, so I usually give them something to rock side by side.

The Challenge Series call asked for characters working through their own struggles, also finding love. Every character has its own personal challenges, but I don’t think I’ve ever set out to intentionally break a character, but with Jenn, I did.

Giving a deeply personal, universally frightening challenge was out of my usual ‘box’ but Jenn proved herself more than ready for the challenge and Dorian, her leading man, showed his worth in support and love.

This one makes me think that sometimes, the stronger the challenge, the sweeter the reward.


***How do you like characters challenged? Deep inner conflict or outside battles? One lucky visitor this week will win an eBook of Home to Hellas, so be sure to leave your name and email with your answers.***


Home to Hellas

The Challenge Series

Available NOW!!

Jenn’s love of basketball and travel lead her to Greece, but only one
man could keep her coming back. After sharing sexy summers with
distinguished businessman Dorian Logos, Jenn returns for a seventh
with more emotional baggage than she’d like, but her feelings for
Dorian push her out of her comfort zone.

Dorian has loved Jenn for years, the young American delivering spice
and sweetness during their weeks together. When she arrives in Hellas,
limping from an injury, he quickly sees more than her knee is hurting.
He want his love to be enough to heal all ails, but it’s hard to show
his love to a woman who can’t tolerate his touch. If he can help Jenn
get well, he might be able to make their usual summer last forever.


All the best,

Stephanie Beck

One response

  1. For me I think it depends on my mood if I want to read something with deep inner conflict or an outside battle. Sometimes I like when the main character(s) have internal demons to fight and sometimes I like when the demons are a little more three dimensional:) I do like the ‘us against the world’ type plot too.

    April 6, 2013 at 2:42 pm

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