Batteries Not Included

Can a Prepper be a Romance Hero?

Virgin Under ground_SM4 Need To Read
Here is how the wonderful reviewer at You Gotta Read Reviews describes him” “Lukas is a prepper. Not only is he prepared for devastating earthquakes, he’s also one of the engineers who has invented technology and products to help others prepare for the worst. But, unless something drastic changes, he will be safe in his underground bunker all alone.”
I’m a big fan of romance heroes who are not only hunky (which he is) but smart as well, and I believe Lukas meets that mark. The reviewer goes on to say: “Virgin Under Ground is a fun short story with likable characters and an intriguing setting. I would love to have had more of Lukas and Jane’s story…”

I do plan to write more stories about members of the Nevada Area Preppers, but Easy Peasy by Stephanie J. Grace is coming soon to Decadent Publishing…and there are also members in good standing there as well as a heroine whose talents contributed to the comforts of Lukas’s bunker!

The full review is available at You Gotta Read Reviews.

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