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Spank or Treat…Missy Sue’s First Spanking

spank or treat

Be sure to visit the Spank or Treat Page to get the list of all the participating authors and the many prizes available to win win win! The rules are listed there as well. I’d love to hear what you think of Missy Sue’s story, so please leave a comment below. If you were Missy Sue, would you have hidden the candy wrappers or admitted right away to your weakness for chocolate?

Missy Sue sat stared in dismay at the array of colorful candy wrappers littering the coffee table. Next door, the party raged on, the strains of “Dead Man’s Party” wafting across the narrow hard between their homes. Best neighborhood Halloween gathering ever, but what had been in the punch? The dry ice fog hovering over the bubbling green bowl had drawn her to indulge in its sweet goodness a few too many times. Whatever it held, she’d forgotten her resolve—and her bet with Kevin.
The slam of the front door sent her heart into thudding overdrive, and she leapt to her feet and gathered the red, blue, yellow, and orange empties together and stuffed them under the sofa cushion then raced upstairs. Why had she ever thought such a wager a good idea?
Sure, she wanted to lose a few pounds, but to swear off chocolate on Halloween? The one day a girl could dress up in a sexy witch costume and gobble mini candy bars by the dozen with minimal guilt? The costume was a size larger than last year, but avoiding her favorite treats wasn’t going to make it smaller.
She’d clearly been insane.
Racing up the stairs, she considered her options. Coming clean had ceased to be one when she hid the evidence. So that left distraction and pretending to be asleep. The shiny black stilettoes she’d trotted around in all night made escape a challenge when one traitorous spike heel caught on the rug at the top of the stairs, sending her flying onto hands and knees. How appropriate, considering the penalty for losing her bet.
Missy Sue cursed under her breath, scrambling to her feet. A low chuckle from the living room added an element of fright. Why was he laughing? Had she neglected to hide a wrapper or two?
Were there any candy bars left at all? She might have missed one or two in the bottom of the bowl by the front door. She could sneak down later and….What the hell is wrong with me? A creak on a bottom step. No time to change into her sleep tee…narrowing her options to one. Flicking on the light on her side of the bed, she smoothed her tight violet bodice and fluffed out the short flared skirt. Distraction it is.
“Is that you, Kevin?” She thrust sensuality into her tone and licked a bit of melted chocolate from the corner of her lip. “Come on up here, and let’s celebrate for real, darlin’.”
“On my way, Missy.”
She pulled off her tiny panties and arranged herself on the bed, legs parted just wide enough to let him see…distraction. The purple and black striped stockings clung to the tops of her thighs. “I’ve been waiting for so long, baby.” Fake, loud yawn. “I was afraid I’d be asleep and we wouldn’t get to spend any time alone together.”
Kevin loomed in the doorway, his tall, toned figure masked by the teddy bear costume he wore. Despite her terror, she stifled a giggle. It took a secure man to appear in public in ragged brown plush. She’d tormented him, too. And after he had the guts to live up to his lost wager. Three days short of a year without cigarettes, he’d caved, and she’d held him to his promise. When he’d given them up last Halloween, he’d sworn if he failed to make it to the next, he’d allow his nephew to pick his costume.
The kid was three.
But as usual, her boyfriend came through like a champ and not only wore the costume to take the little one trick or treating, he kept it on through the neighbor’s party. The only six-foot-two teddy in town, probably. It hadn’t been easy to find the costume.
Her heart swelled, remembering him holding little Bobby’s hand as they went door to door. What a sport. And how could she not adore a man who loved kids and pets and kept his word. She beamed at him, more in love than ever.
He beamed back, a twinkle in his eye. “Anything you want to tell me, Missy?”
Crap, did he know? Remembering his gallant and honorable evening dressed as a ratty bear, she fought back the guilt at her deceit. Not that she had a history of welching on their bets, but this one had an especially difficult penalty. One she’d avoided for the three years of their relationship.
Overconfident, she’d allowed Kevin to set the penalty. And therein lay the rub.
“No, so why don’t you get out of that old bear suit and come over here.” Missy Sue thrust her chest forward in the bodice, willing her less-than-bountiful breasts to draw his discerning eye. “I’ll let you take my costume off, too, if you like?”
His eyes became serious, but the corner of his mouth twitched. “No, I think I’ll stay like this for a bit longer. It’s kind of chilly in here, and this fake fur is warm.”
“Want me to turn up the heat?” Missy Sue bent one knee…would he notice the results of her trip to the salon that afternoon?
“No.” Kevin sank to the edge of the mattress and rested a paw on her ankle. His narrowed gaze sent chills down her spine. “I want you to come clean. Did you or did you not eat any Halloween candy?”
Missy Sue parted her lips, prepared to lie and avoid the humiliation and pain of the selected forfeit, then, looking at the big rounded years on top of her sexy boyfriend’s head, she let out a long sigh. “How did you know?”
Kevin held up his other hand—paw—and let Kit Kat and Snickers wrappers scatter around her. How many mini bars did equal one regular sized one anyway? Five? Ten? Twenty?
“I sat down on the couch, and the cushions crinkled.”
Missy Sue hung her head in shame. “I should have admitted it right away, but I was scared.”
The big brown bear hopped up and did a little dance. She choked back a laugh. “This night gets better and better. You almost never lose our bets. In fact, this may be my first win.
Another reason she’d allowed him to set the penalty. She’d never expected to lose.
“Okay.” She stood and bent over the edge of the bed. “Go ahead and let’s get this over with.”
Kevin laughed as well, deep baritone that left no question of his masculinity. That damn chuckle melted her every time. And even while her heart thudded in her ears, her nipples hardened just under the edge of the tightly-laced bodice.
A long moment passed. Anticipation built. “Come on, Kevin. Whack me so we can get undressed and really have fun.”
“Baby, this is fun.” His sincere brown eyes gazed out of the surrounding headpiece, topped by the ridiculous ears, very confusing. Should she be turned on by her ripped and toned boyfriend or appalled by the costume?
Shit, of course it would be fun to him. He’d tried to introduce spanking into their sex life from the very beginning. But she’d either panicked or laughed and ruined the moment. “Are you seriously going to put me over your fake-fur covered lap and spank me?”
In reply he grabbed her wrist, and she belly-flopped into position. Head dangling on one side, legs on the other, she tried not to overreact. Deep, slow breaths.
Kevin flipped her skirt up and whistled. “Oh, baby, you waxed.” Even through the bulky suit, his interest bumped against her belly. “And no panties. You weren’t like this all night were you?”
Missy Sue blew out a breath. “Of course not. You know what a perv Ned next door is. He’d have found a way to cop a feel if I had.”
“That bastard, over my dead body he’d cop a feel of any part of you.” His furry palm rested on her bare ass cheek, much softer than the back of the suit where she’d had contact while zipping him up. Silky. And nothing like that would hurt her. A fake fur bedspread had possibilities…or one of those mittens designed to rub over bare skin..?
Still, the fear that had made her refuse his previous suggestions that they make spanking part of their love life simmered under the layer of excitement. She bit her lip so she wouldn’t beg him to stop, not to do this. It might change things between them for him to whack her on the ass. And it would certainly change them for the worse if she refused to honor her word. Missy Sue tried to still the trembling of her arms and legs, to no avail.
“You okay, Missy?”
She swallowed hard and nodded. Unlike her, Kevin often lost their bets and as indicated by the surprisingly erotic fake fur under her belly between the corset and skirt…he always kept his word. He rubbed circles on her bare cheek, one then the next, so slow and sensual,
Missy Sue would just have to grin and bear it.
“Ready, Teddy!” Her giggle cut off when his paw slammed into her right cheek with blunt force. “Ouch!”
“Don’t call me Teddy. I believe that will add another ten swats to the ten I was already going to give you.”
Noooo. Missy fought the urge to call him that again out of sheer cantankerousness. She lost. “Teddy.” Thud. “Owww, I’m sorry!”
“No, you’re not. Not really.”
He spanked on alternating cheeks, four on each. Not too bad, though. And the scuff of the soft fur against her skin sent heat straight to her newly-bare pussy. She held her breath as a rip of Velcro filled her ears.
Kevin’s bare fingers slid between her cheeks and down into her girly parts. “I needed to see what you really thought about the whole thing. Missy, you’re so wet.” He rubbed his thumb over her clit and she gasped. “I wish we could just go right to bed and take care of this. Wonder if you’re even sweeter than usual.”
“Huh?” She squirmed, trying to make him touch her more, desperate for him.
“All that candy you ate.” He slipped one finger into her channel and out, then his hand was gone. “I would love a taste.”
God the man could send her every time. A trickle of moisture ran down her thigh. “Please, please, let’s do it.” Missy Sue moved to stand but he clamped his forearm on her back, pinning her down.
“Sorry, baby. I promised you ten more, and I’m a man of my word.”
She panted, more turned on that she could ever remember being. “Then you’ll…taste me?”
“Mmm, it will be my pleasure.”
Missy Sue steeled herself. “Then hurry up.”
“No, baby…I never want to hurry when I have you in this position. I don’t know if you’ll let it happen again.” He spanked one cheek then rubbed the other, his bare palm stinging in a way the soft fur hadn’t. To her shock each slap sent electricity right to her core, pushing her closer and closer to climax. When he finished, she was squirming, frantic.
Kevin stood and dropped her on the bed. “Wait there.” While she watched, he stripped off the costume, one they would never be able to return to the rental place because she’d left a wet spot on the thigh and because it would forever remind her of the night they discovered a whole new facet of their relationship.
Not costumes, but spanking. Kevin’s mastery of her when he’d held her over her lap sent her places she’d never been before. And as the fur lay in a heap by his feet and he dropped to his knees and dragged her to the edge of the bed, bending his head to keep his other promise to taste her, Missy Sue considered what other bets she might lose in the near future, for both their pleasure.

Music is the Soundtrack to live… and books, with Wendi Zwaduk

One more night_LG1Music is the Soundtrack to Life… and Books!
To celebrate the 1Night Stand books, we’re all gathering ‘round with cool blogs about our books. Mine from the line is called One More Night. Got that Phil Collins song stuck in your head? What about the Maroon5 one? Yeah, I did, too. Both songs. But it’s funny. Both songs actually played a role in the book.
First, let me thank Kate Richards for letting me blog here today. I love Miss Kate. A couple years ago, she and Miss Valerie Mann were both at the Lori Foster event in Cincinnati and I had the opportunity to pitch One More Night to them. Talk about scary. I had no idea what they’d think or they’d like it. But they were awesome and listened to me ramble. In the end, they asked me to sub the story, I did and with a few tweaks, it was contracted. Great feeling. So thank you for letting me blog here and thanks for listening to me when my confidence locked itself up tight in the restroom.
So now back to the music and the story. When I write, I’ve always got music playing. I’m the type of person who needs noise to work. Call it a strange distraction from everything else around me, but it works. I’d been listening to a playlist I had with a strange selection of songs. I don’t listen to one or two set genres of music. My brain moves too fast to stick with one and my interests are so varied that I might be totally into a classical piece today and a grunge rock one tomorrow.
The Phil Collins song was playing and ideas formed in my head. Two people who need that one more night to sort out the mess that was their relationship. There’s a longing in the Collins song that spoke to me. Got the characters to talk, too. In the Maroon5 song, he wants to be there, but being with her can’t work. Another theme to my story that is very important. Longing, need, pain and a lack of trust. I can work with those.
I had the premise, but what about the people? I’m rather fond of pilots – I married one – so I tend to write flight and racing into my work. In this case, the pilot won out. I let the general idea sit because sometimes pouncing on them right away doesn’t work. This one needed time to simmer. The heroine talked to me first. She’s got her moments where she needs her head examined, but there was a lot of back story for her. Jenna wants to be loved and she really wants Drake to be the one doing the loving. She can’t explain why she had to go, but through the work of Madame Eve, she’s back. What about Drake? He’s a pilot and could’ve been her pilot for the date, but no…that’s too easy. He’s also got issues. He’s been in an accident and flying isn’t in his cards. So what are these two to do?
You’ll have to read One More Night and find out. Grin. Here’s some more info on the book:

One More Night – a 1Night Stand story by Wendi Zwaduk
Contemporary, Short Story, M/F, Anal Sex
From Decadent Publishing
Fear can blind. Will love show the way in the dark? All it takes is one more night…
Three years ago, Jenna ran away from what should have been the best night of her life. Letting her fear and shame get in the way of true happiness has haunted her ever since. It’s time to move on and put the past behind her. A date through the 1Night Stand service is the perfect opportunity to start living life again.
When the love of his life slipped through his fingers, Drake hated to let her go. A near-death accident prevented him from going after her. But after three years of recovery and waiting, he’s ready to take back what’s his, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her from running again.
Can Madame Eve work a miracle or will love lose out to pride and fear?
Available here:
Decadent Publishing:
AllRomance Ebooks:
Barnes and Noble:
And here’s a little taste of the story!
“You bring out the bad girl in me. I forgot how much I liked it.”
If he shoved her panties to the side, she’d let him grope her there in the reception room. He resisted the urge to go too far and moved her dress to repair her modesty. “You’re good at being bad.” With the pads of his fingers, he stroked down the length of her leg and caressed her ankle. The crimson polish on her toes glittered in the fluorescent light. “You always did like bare feet.”
Her voice dropped to the husky purr he hadn’t heard in a long time. “My stilettos pinched my toes. Bare is more comfortable.”
“I’m glad you came back.” The old feelings welled in his brain, reminding him how he hadn’t stopped loving her. Ever. “You aren’t the same girl who walked out of here three years ago. Not really. I want to discover all the ways you’ve grown.”
“You’ve changed, too.” The husky tone of her voice trailed up his spine. Jenna traced the line of his lapel with her finger. “More poetic, less gruff. And you shaved.” For the first time since she’d set foot on the tarmac, she smiled. “I like the changes. They work on you.” She murmured in his ear, “I wouldn’t have stopped you if you kept going.”

Here’s a little bit about me!
I’ve always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I love playing with words and letting the characters run wild.
NASCAR, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, animals and second chance romance all feature prominently in my books. I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. I’m published with many different publishing houses, including Decadent Publishing. Come join me for this fantastic journey!
If you like my work, tell your friends and email me. I love hearing from readers!
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Welcome Mia Catherine to the 1Night Stand Celebration!


From some of the oldest stories in the series to one of the newest…and every bit as sigh worthy!

Sam’s life hasn’t turned out the way he planned. Two years after an unwelcome divorce from high school sweetheart, Katie, he’s struggling to put the pieces of his life together and pay off a mountain of debt. At the insistence of his oldest friend, he reluctantly agrees to be set up on a 1Night Stand. Perhaps it’s the push he needs to finally move on?

Divorced and preparing for an empty nest when her only son leaves for Marine Boot Camp, Katie is ready for a change. Working as a legal secretary has given her professional fulfillment, but her romantic life leaves something to be desired. Weary of facing the future alone, she decides to dip her toe back into the dating pool and perhaps find some companionship.

Forced to confront their issues and a divorce neither wanted, can Sam and Katie forget the past and reconnect?

Sam and Kathryn, both divorced and trying to move past heartbreak, are each reluctantly set up on a 1Night Stand by Madame Eve. What they find, however, is far from what they expect. Can they forget the past when confronted with the biggest mistakes of their lives?

Oh, well. Here goes nothing….
He turned the corner and the vision took his breath away. Silhouetted against the clear December sky stood the figure of a goddess. The three-inch heels she wore were neither the flat shoes of a frumpy, intimidated woman, nor the high heels of a lady trying to be someone she’s not. Her sculpted legs led to a conservative, yet sexy black dress that hugged her curvy figure and dipped low enough to show most of her well-toned back. His gaze made its way up to her short, wavy brown hair and he finally found the breath to sigh. She was exactly his type.
That 1Night Stand service is really good.

Day 2 – The 1Night Stand Party…CR Moss


Las Vegas is heating up!

And, I’m not just talking about the extreme summer temperatures we’ve been known to have!
Good day, all. My name is C.R. Moss, and I’m an erotic romance writer. In celebration of Decadent Publishing’s 1NS 200th book celebration, I’m sharing a bit about myself and my latest 1NS release. I get ideas from everywhere…conversations, news headlines, television, songs, etc.. On occasion I’ve been known to pull from my old careers and the people I’ve known, using samples of their personalities for characters and information I’ve gleaned from jobs to assist with subject matter. I also love infusing interesting tidbits about the places I’ve lived in and visited into my stories. When you read them, you’ll notice that a good percentage either take place completely, or in part, in Las Vegas—my current hometown. The setting of Sunset Heat (the 178th 1NS story) is no exception. It takes place at a Mt. Charleston hotel that’s located on the way up to the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. (Yes, there’s a ski resort here! See? An interesting little fact. 😉 ) The cover is a good representation, too, depicting part of the Spring Mountains range and the fiery colors of the sunsets we witness sometimes.
Sunset Heat is the fourth book in my ‘Sunset’ series for Decadent Publishing’s popular 1Night Stand line. Inspiration for my hot little series occurred a couple of years ago when I went to a convention on the strip and met the ladies of Decadent Publishing. While a group of us were sitting around and talking, information about 1NS came up. Having already started on a book I planned to target to a different publisher, I re-purposed it for the 1NS line and expanded on the story’s background to make a series. Listed in order of release, Sunset Desires, Sunset Seduction, Sunset Temptations and Sunset Heat follow four female relatives who are all set up through the matchmaking service.

~ Blurb for Sunset Heat – a 1NightStand story from Decadent Publishing & book 4 in the ‘Sunset’ series ~
(Book Content: Contemporary, Erotic, Chick Lit, Romance)
Can one night transform a woman’s life?
* Seana Tramonto feels doomed when it comes to relationships. When she’s set up through the 1Night Stand service, she’s apprehensive at best. Her concern turns to ire when her match turns out to be a man who broke her heart years ago. Old wounds are slow to heal no matter how sexy the man asking for forgiveness.
* Zachary Russo, a Las Vegas policeman, is talked into doing a 1NS date. When he learns it’s with his high school tutor and friend, the girl he stood up before the Homecoming dance, he’s determined to make it up to her. But seeing her again opens his eyes to the sexy woman she’s become. Can he prove he’s grown up or will circumstance beyond his control kill their second chance?

~ Excerpt ~
* “I had it bad for you.”
* “So, what’s your wish now?”
* If she leaned toward him, turned just enough, maybe he’d kiss her. Did she have the nerve? What would he think of her advance?
* “Seana?”
* She closed her eyes, relishing the silky way he spoke her name. “Hmm?”
* “Your wish. You’re going to enter the drawing the charity is having, right?”
* “I can’t say or it won’t come true,” she murmured. Just move your face toward his. Do it! Though her inner diva cheered her on, she couldn’t.
* “A superstition for shooting stars and birthday candles.”
* “So? I don’t want to take chances.” Yes you do, her inner cheerleader chided.
* He brushed his cheek against hers. Warm breath caressed her ear. Restless throbs of desire pulsed in her veins. Sexual excitement curled in her womb. It’d been quite some time since feeling those particular sensations. Who’d I do it with last? Oh, the guy in the off-Broadway showing of West Side Story. Antonio something or other. She’d almost told him she loved him, but his ex-girlfriend came back into the picture, which snipped her out of it.
* Could Zach be her one? Even after all this time and despite their difficulties? Back when she’d helped him in high school, she’d wanted him and would have given him her all. She didn’t feel any different now. Turning her face toward his finally, she prepared for the first of what she hoped would be many kisses. None came. He wasn’t as close as she thought. Seana stared into his eyes, becoming lost in their depths.
* “Seana?”
* “Yes?” She breathed in his spicy, clean scent, wanting to nibble on the muscle stretching from his neck into the top of his white dress shirt.
* “Tell me more about the tutoring room.”
* “Why? Interested in playing out my fantasy?”
* Zach rubbed her knee. His touch seared her skin under her black sequined dress. “But we’re not in a school. There are no classrooms to use.”
* The scenario she’d envisioned as a young adult awaited her next move. If there’s ever a time to be bold and spontaneous, it’s now. Quit stalling and take the leap. Feeling naughty and way too frisky to miss the opportunity, she drew circles on his leg with her fingertip. “We can improvise by going up to your room or mine and pretending we’re in a classroom.”
* Seconds clicked by. Zach didn’t say a word. Wasn’t he interested? Her palms became clammy. I can’t be rejected again.

Buy Links ~
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Find C.R. Moss here:

Please Welcome Starla Kaye to the Decadent 1Night Stand Party

maggie's secret wishIt’s party time for 1 Night Stand! Maybe you can’t see me skipping around in delight, but I am. It has been such fun to part of the whole Decadent Publishing world…especially the 1 Night Stand part. I’m looking forward to trying more stories for the line.

Maggie’s Secret Wish was my first story with 1 Night Stand and it was one of the first batch in the series. The idea behind the series called to me and I just had to try my hand at it.

Maggie came to me first. The poor thing had become stuck in a rut of a life, protecting her heart and getting over a jerk that’d tromped on it. But she had fantasies to make her life okay…just okay. A good friend of hers wanted more for Maggie and pushed her into contacting Madame Eve, something she was definitely reluctant about doing.

Ian came to me next. A steamy erotica writer and part-time Dom, he was certain he would never have a “normal” relationship. He couldn’t see himself ever finding a woman who could accept him and his kinky quirks. But Maggie came into his life…

Since the original story came out, I have written a number of later looks into their lives in various blog posts. It is always enjoyable to go back to visit “old friends” and see how things are working out for them. In celebrating 1 Night Stand’s birthday, many of the 1NS authors are getting a chance to think about our characters. Personally, I am happy to share in this celebration with my fellow authors and our readers.

Maggie’s Secret Wish
Decadent Buy Link

Starting Over (my second 1 Night Stand story)
Decadent Buy Link

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Coming tomorrow! Love’s Reprise

Love's-Reprise-coverLove failed the first time. Will a second chance be enough?

Love gets a reprise in these short stories by best-selling authors Cassandre Dayne, Lucy Felthouse, Kate Richards, Olivia Starke, and Anastasia Vitsky. All about women’s relationships with women, the romance and erotica are deep and abiding with musical interludes flowing throughout. Sprinkled with spanking, a little BDSM, eroticism, and true friendship, these stories tell of women who find love thanks to a second chance.

Anastasia Vitsky brings us a story about Leila and her lover Carene. Leila struggles to recover her career as a classical violinist, and Carene fights for the courage to ask Leila to stay. Music plays a part in Cassandre Dayne’s, “Broken Dreams,” a story about the lead singer of a rock band who finds love with her former friend, veterinarian Samantha Mason. Their deep, dark cravings are finally revealed. In Lucy Felthouse’s story, ex-best friends Eden and Janine are forced to re-evaluate their estrangement when their siblings marry. Kate Richards tells the story of pediatric Nurse Kim’s struggle to rejoin the living after the tragic death of her wife. Can Doctor Nora Riley help her learn love can come again? The only problem is that she doesn’t know if she can take a chance on love again. In Olivia Starke’s story, Broken Promises, a witch named Bet gets a second chance for love 70 years after losing her life. If she and her new lover Tabby can survive The Witch’s Curse.

Find the passion, the intimacy, and the desire among women in this anthology written entirely by women. Love’s Reprise will melt your heart on even the coolest days.”