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Saturday Spankings!

Saturday Spankings-467x200It’s been a little while since I’ve played here, but with my new spanking book well underway, I’m delighted to share! Here is a bit from my upcoming Lazy Day title: For Ben
“Maybe, Teri, but it’s time someone held you to your agreements, and if you will recall…this was one of them.”
She stilled and so did his hand, rubbing small circles on her ass, while he decided how many more spanks her behavior merited. “Oh, God, you can’t be holding me to that ridiculous game we used to play.”
He lifted his hand high and whacked, hard. “You didn’t think it was a game when you proposed the plan.” Way back when, during their engagement, she’d introduced some elements of domestic discipline into their life. He’d spanked her once or twice for sassy behavior, but it really had never been more than a game. “But maybe never taking it beyond sex play was my mistake. Maybe if I’d been a little more proactive we wouldn’t have gotten to this point.”
“Roy, stop this immediately.” She struggled, a warm armful, her breasts rubbing against the side of his thigh.
“I think your news is punishment-worthy, don’t you?”
Frontier Inferno_LG

And although it’s not a spanker, Frontier Inferno will be released by Decadent Publishing on April 1 and is available a little early on Decaden’s site …hope you’ll take a look! It takes place in a little town called Castle, Alaska…where many of my characters have been mingling for awhile (and one of the secondary characters in this one will show up in a spanking book before too long, I think!)
For Heather, Castle, Alaska offers many surprises. A new job—as a nanny of all things—a handsome firefighter whose charisma proves a distraction from her plans, and the danger of discovery. Heather may have to hightail it out of Castle and into the wilderness, or risk being dragged back into the very situation she’d fled.

Romance takes a backseat for single dad Chris Elder, while he focuses on his young son and his job as a firefighter/smokejumper in the small community of Castle. But the arrival of the feisty woman from the lower forty-eight may prove more than his resolutions, or his libido, can handle.

Can the magic of Alaska save these two from a lonely future, or will circumstances force them to step back from their Frontier Inferno?
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So, What do you think of Roy and Teri? Leave me a note and I’ll draw a winner at random for a copy of Frontier Inferno!