Batteries Not Included

Saturday Spankings in Corbin’s Bend

With the first release this week of Thianna D’s Finding Their Bliss, purchasable here the Corbin’s Bend series is off and running! We’re all very excited. Mine won’t be released for a bit, but here’s a little more of For Ben to whet your appetite:

She regained her strength and shrieked again and his gaze caught the vase of kitchen implements within reach on the countertop. Roy pulled out a long-handled wooden spoon. “If you do not settle down,” he said, holding it under her nose so she could see what he meant, “I will spank you with this until you do.” He didn’t want to think about what he might do if the threat—or the action—didn’t calm her.
She bit his leg, hard. Only his khakis kept her from drawing blood.
And he grabbed her hair and pulled. “No biting, sweetie. But there is a punishment for that.”
As she cursed again, he brought the spoon high and down across her thighs with a whap. Lifted it and did it again and again. Five times. Ten. Fifteen. “I am not stopping until you calm down.”

Be sure to visit the rest of the Saturday Spanking crew and see what everyone has to share with you.

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