Batteries Not Included

‘Twas the Night Before Spankmas Part 2

Two-Dads-for-Christmas-high-resThis story is the completion of what was originaly posted here on Ana’s Advent Calendar. I asked for readers to help me complete the story and so here is the full version. Merry Christmas to all of my readers and friends! May it be the merriest ever!
<candy cane vibrator
’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the dungeon
Missy Sue had strewn greenery to fight winter’s doldrums
The floggers were hung on their hooks with great care
In hopes that someone playful might soon be there
And Missy Sue in her nightie
And her Sir, hand raised to slap
Were settled on the sofa
She was over his lap

The sharp buzz of the doorbell jerked Missy Sue out of her daze. With her silky red Christmas nightie lifted over her back and her bare bottom stinging from the holiday spanking Kevin called her first present, she glared at the door. Their new cat, Barlow, rode past on the Roomba, further breaking the mood.
“Don’t answer it.” She drew a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to regain the space she so enjoyed. The scent of the Christmas tree just a couple of feet from her nose and the spicy mulled wine on the stove combined with the flickering Yule log in the fireplace to create a magical ambiance for their first Christmas as husband and wife. “It’s probably more of those freaky neighbors. Mr. Anderson was chasing old lady Hendrix when Mrs. Blakely caught him, and they all groped at each other then disappeared into his house.” What was it about an old wrinkled fellow of at least eighty in light-up Rudolph boxers that brought out the animal in the ladies?
He brought his hand down in a sharp swat and she jumped. “You topping from over my lap, Missy?”
She shook her head. “No, sir, it’s just that…owww.”
“I hate to say it but they might call us freaky if they got a look at the Kinky Kingdom downstairs.”
“At least we keep in in the house!”

From out on the porch there arose such a rapping
Kevin swooped her to her feet and gave her bottom a whapping
Away to the doorway she flew like a flash
Peeked through the peephole
And opened the door with a clash
The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Gave a luster of midday to objects below
When what to her wondering eye should appear
But a special surprise from Kevin so dear
With a tall sexy lady so gorgeous and sweet
She knew in a moment she was her Christmas treat
Her eyes how they twinkled,
Her dimples so merry
Her cheeks were like roses
Her nose like a cherry

The cold air whipped around them but Missy was stunned to ecstatic silence. On the steps stood the sexiest blonde witch ever, their good friend and sometimes playmate, in a long, black coat open to reveal an elegant red wrap dress molded to her voluptuous breasts, with a wide black leather belt along her small waist and flaring over her hips. Her arms were filled with boxes and she had a twinkle in her eye. “Regine!” This must be her second present! “I thought you were in Florida on business…when did you get back?”
“Merry Christmas, Regine.” Kevin appeared beside her, chuckling. “Let me take some of those packages from you.” He relieved her of all of them and added a lingering kiss to her lips.
Missy watched with pleasure.
Their friend was a switch, which made for interesting times, since she never knew until they got started which role the blonde was taking
Missy’s cheeks heated, but Regine, with her arms now free, used them to embrace Missy, holding her tight and dipping her head to press her chilled lips against hers. Missy shivered from the cold and the kiss and slipped rapidly back toward the subspace she’d been riding when the doorbell rang. Regine’s tongue teased her lips apart and lapped the inside of her mouth with the same slow strokes she’d used on several occasions when Missy was tied down, her legs spread eagled and her pussy bared to….
“Missy!” Kevin’s firm voice drew her back again. What was it about these two together who could send her off into places she’d never dreamed even existed. Places of mindless ecstasy, of endless orgasms, of…. She gulped and tried to even her breathing as Regine left one arm wrapped around her waist, only stepping aside to shrug off her coat and hang it on the coatrack and they moved over to the fireplace together. Kevin closed the door with a click and flicked off the lights. Behind them, she heard the rustle as he laid the gifts under the tree with the others. Even though Regine hadn’t agreed to spend the holidays with them, claiming she didn’t want to come home from her meetings for a few days and have to fly right back to Florida,
Only the multicolored glow of the twinkling tree lights and the red-orange flames of the burning log provided any illumination. Missy’s heart thudded in anticipation of their night together. When Kevin took her arm and drew her down to the fluffy rug in front of the hearth, she noticed he still held one small package wrapped in shiny red paper tied with a giant gold bow.
He lifted it and showed it to Regine, who’d followed them down and sat on the rug on the other side of Missy. “This the one?”
Regine nodded and smiled, showing so many teeth, Missy knew she was in trouble. They’d gone from A Visit from Saint Nicholas to another sort of tale entirely.
“My what big teeth you have,” she murmured and the other two laughed.
“The better to eat you with, my darling,” Regine replied in kind, and Missy’s stomach flipped.
Regine urged her to sit up and grasped the hem of her silky nighty. She tugged it over her head and Missy sat naked between the two people she would most choose to spend Christmas with. Regine still wore her red dress, which draped over her over-the-knee heeled black leather boots and her handsome husband his maroon robe unbelted over black silk pajama pants tented with his erection. Her mouth watered…for both of them.
But her eyes were drawn to the wrapped gift. “Sir…what is it?”
He grinned at Regine and winked. “How would I know? Perhaps you should ask Regine.” He knew, the devil, but he was like a child at Christmas. In fact, she’d fallen in love with him on their third date when he invited her to dinner and they ended up driving around town instead, admiring Christmas lights.
Still, she could play along. “Regine, what’s in the box?”
Rather than answering, the blonde bent past her to kiss Kevin and the issue of a gift drifted into the back of Missy’s mind. The flames in the fireplace cast their faces in shadow, but surrounded them in a halo of light. Dark hair and pale, they were so elegant, so beautiful her heart squeezed in yearning. She felt so ordinary, so earthbound next to them. But, at the same time, Missy soaked in the magic their kiss brought to the night.
To Christmas, the most magical night of the year, when dreams came true.
Kevin and Regine held their kiss for a long, sweet moment. She marveled that no jealousy marred the relationship that grew between the three of them
A relationship.
The first time she’d thought of it in that way.
But it was true. Their times together had stretched from overnights to weekends. And Regine spent more time at their home then her own. Perhaps she didn’t need a separate home? Watching the two break apart and turn to focus on her, she decided to wait until morning. Over their special Christmas pancakes, golden and dripping with real maple syrup. For tonight, she would show them how much she cared by making herself theirs in every way she could think of.
“What do you want of me?”
Regine took the gift box from Kevin and held it out to her. “Merry Christmas, Missy Sue. From Kevin and me.”
In trembling hands, she accepted the package and untied the wide ribbon. A sex toy!
What would it be?
Those red velvet Santa cuffs lined with white fur she’d spotted in the catalogue?
The clit and nipple clips she’d been dying to experience?
A candy cane vibrator?
What fabulous and exotic treat awaited? She gave the box a shake and glanced from Kevin to Regine. The conniving pair lounged on either side with—in Kevin’s case—a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.
Unable to wait a moment more, she ripped the paper from the package and balled it up, tossing it in the fireplace. The flames flared with a blue and orange intensity and caught her attention for a moment before she turned it back to the present on her lap. Opening the top flaps she stared inside in disbelief.
No fur cuffs….no clit and/or nipple clips…not even a vibrator.
Fishing among the brightly colored paper shreds, she drew out a plastic squeeze bottle. “Chocolate syrup?”
Regine’s laughter pealed. “And caramel. And cherries.”
Kevin chuckled. “In fact, everything we need to make a sundae. Well, almost. The whipped cream is in the fridge.”
A little disappointed, she murmured. “And the ice cream is in the freezer, I guess.”
Regine dropped a kiss on her lips. “No ice cream. And the present isn’t really for you.”
Now she was just confused. “Then who is it for?
Kevin kissed her forehead. “It’s for us. We’re going to cover you in toppings then eat.”
“Oh my….” She allowed them to press her back to the floor. “This is going to ruin the rug.”
“We’ll buy another one.”
Her pulse raced as they pulled the toppings out of the box and Regine disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a three-pack of aerosol whipped cream from the local big box store. Along with the chocolate and caramel in squirt bottles, they had purchased a jar of marshmallow fluff, chopped nuts, and a jar of maraschino cherries. A few pieces of silverware, straws…. They were really taking this seriously.
Regine unbelted the big buckle at her waist and let the belt slide to the floor with a wink. Missy shivered. The blonde witch—because it hadn’t just been a costume! Their new playmate was a card-carrying witch who practiced the Craft and could come up with a spell for any occasion—shrugged her dress from her shoulders and it pooled over the belt. Missy felt a bit of relief when it was covered although she had no doubt they would not forget its presence. Soon Kevin and Regine were as naked as Missy. It seemed that while they didn’t mind washing the rug, they didn’t plan to have to wash all their clothes.
Kneeling on either side of her, they each took up a squirt bottle, and she closed her eyes in anticipation.
“Open them, Missy.” Kevin’s Sir voice. Play had officially begun.
“Yes, sir.” She blinked and flicked her gaze from one to the other. Almost in unison, they lifted their bottles and dribbled a stream of chilly sweetness on each of her breasts. Her nipples peaked instantly, but the evil pair continues with their work, painting designs along her torso and over her hips. “Any particular significance to those squiggles?”
Regine nodded. “Magical symbols to bring us all love and happiness in the coming year.” Wow.
Kevin nudged her legs open and squirted a dollop of caramel into her swollen folds. He licked his lips and her breath hitched. “Looking sweet, Missy.” He chuckled. He looked magnificent with the flames flickering off his muscular chest and six-pack. His biceps bulged when he gave a squirt on the base of her throat and set the bottle to the side. Next, he scooped up marshmallow fluff and smeared it over her caramel and chocolate covered nipples.
Regine handed a can of whipped cream to Kevin and they continued their slow torture, squirting it until her torso was covered with a snowy mountain of cream. “Open your mouth, Missy,” she said with a twinkle. When Missy obeyed, Regine filled her mouth to the brim and bent close. She lapped at the creamy sweetness until she reached Missy’s tongue in the mix and then lapped at that until Missy responded in a flurry of pleasure.
While she struggled to draw breath, Regine withdrew and after Kevin added a sprinkling of chopped nuts to her breasts, Regine followed with a cherry on each and they leaned back and smiled at each other.
“What a picture,” Kevin said. “Seems a shame to mar its perfection.”
“You look do look perfect, sweetie, but my mouth is watering to taste that cherry.” Regine bent and lifted the cherry off the nearest nipple with her teeth, the layers of cream and syrup keeping her from making any contact at all with Missy’s breast. She lifted a hand to grab her head but Regine tsked. “ No, no, no…. Kevin grab the green package.”
He disappeared and returned, yanking a ribbon off. Missy was glad to see that…she didn’t want to waste any time. From the box came a pair of fur Santa cuffs. “Yes!” she shouted in joy. Santa had read her list!
Helping her to sit slightly, he brought her wrists close together and cuffed them then laid her back down. “Remember, you speak only when spoken to unless it’s your safeword.” They’d all played together often enough limits were set, rules in place, and she trusted them but the safeword was always there…just in case.
“Yes, Sir.”
Regine was stripping the paper from another package Missy hadn’t seen Kevin bring over. Merry Christmas, Missy!” She lifted a candy cane…a candy cane vibrator! Yay, Santa! “Legs a bit wider, please.” Missy obeyed and Regine slid the straight part of the cane in about halfway. “We’ll get back to that.” Oh God. A surge of moisture trickled from her pussy and her inner muscles clamped around the stick. It had several speeds, if it was the one she’d wished for, and the curved end had a second mini clit vibrator.
Regine bent toward her and nuzzled her throat, licking and sucking at the sticky skin then worked her way down over her collarbone and onto the upper curve of her breast. Kevin started at her hip and worked his way up. They gobbled at her, each inch of skin coming alive under their warm mouths and nibbling teeth, rough lapping tongues, until they met at the nipples. Her eyes fluttered but she fought to keep them open—but failed.
“Missy!” Kevin’s sharp rebuke sent a shock through her and she opened her eyes again to see Regine holding her belt. “That will be five strokes of the belt. Keep them open.”
“Yes, Sir.” The belt had to be two inches wide…she’d be striped. Not that that was a bad thing….
“But not now,” Regine said, reaching across Missy’s body to kiss him long and slow. Her heart warmed along with her already flushed body. “We are still enjoying our Missy sundae.”
“I suppose,” he said, smiling down at her. “One thing at a time. Besides, who knows how many more she will earn and we can just take care of that on Christmas morning. I think tonight is for treats.” He bent again and continued to lick the syrups and whipped cream and marshmallow fluff off her skin, heading south this time, toward her aching pussy. Regine returned to laving the sweetness from her nipples,
Kevin shifted to lie between her legs and flicked a switch on the candy cane. The stick began to vibrate and she shuddered in instant pleasure. He lapped at her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth, nibbling just hard enough to send her close to coming…but she knew better. Her cuffed hands clenched. Regine bit down on her nipple and her tongue flicked at the trapped peak. If she didn’t get to….
Kevin lifted his head and winked at her. “Come, Missy….” She did, with an earth-shattering pleasure that sent her spinning into darkness, shivering and trembling, whimpering while it went on and on and on….
“Missy!” Her eyes fluttered open again.
“Oh, no…how many?”
Regine giggled. “Five. Not because you disobeyed but because I want a turn, too. I had a hard time finding the belt, you know.”
They sat on either side of her again, having moved sometime while she was in the throes of orgasm. Kevin reached between her legs and pushed the vibrating cane all the way in so the short end lay against her clit and flicked the switch again.
“No, it’s too soon, I—”
“Ten more,” they chorused.
“For talking without leave.” Kevin smiled at her. “Just lie there and enjoy the ride. And the view.” He rose and helped Regine to her feet. “While I fuck this lovely lady.” The candy cane hummed between her legs and Missy did as he asked, lay back and watched while in the light and shadow of the fire, the two people she loved best in the world made love to one another.
Kevin sat in the armchair and Regine straddled his lap, taking his hard cock into her and rocking, breasts bouncing. She kissed him and Missy smiled. Just before the candy cane took her into yet another mind-blowing orgasm, she reflected on all the gifts and remembered she still had a spanking to come. And half a dozen presents still under the tree! Maybe those nipple and clit clamps were in there somewhere…. And she had her own gifts for them!
Who said Santa wasn’t real?

Kate Richards always writes a holiday ménage, inspired by all the love in the air. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached at Her holiday ménages, Avalon for Christmas, Two Men and a Virgin, and Two Dads for Christmas are available at and all your favorite online bookstores

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