Batteries Not Included

Haunting Suspicions is live!


As host of the reality TV show Not on My Watch, Alden strong has arrived in Goldland, Nevada to debunk the ghostly activities led by the full-body apparition of the mysterious Indigo Princess.
Orlena Estelle is a member of the Goldland Pack, a cougar shifter, school teacher, and unwilling conspirator in the hauntings. But without the tourists who come every full moon to be spooked and spend money, the town will sink back into poverty and the school will close, sending the children far off on a bus over dangerous roads every day.
Goldland is a town with a lot to hide and Alden is a man who loves to uncover secrets. But a beautiful schoolmarm with an enticing bustle can be a big distraction. As long as he doesn’t have unprotected sex with a shifter during the twenty-four hours before the full moon, there shouldn’t be any problems. But when a step into the past catches them both off guard…well, maybe Orlena should come with a warning label.


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