Batteries Not Included

MacKay Destiny Book 1: Melody Anne’s Billionaire Universe: Floating Hearts

Floating Hearts

She had to fly…
Perhaps Sarabeth Harvest might have chosen another way to escape from her wedding than the prototype electronic balloon about to be revealed to the public by her billionaire fiancé. And maybe the incredibly sexy man who rescued her from the apple tree wasn’t the answer to a fleeing bride’s prayers. But how was she to resist someone who made her pulse race the moment she met him? A woman who’s just jilted her boss in front of all of San Francisco society has nowhere to go, except where the winds take her.

He’s a Type A Plus self-made billionaire…
And well on the way to destroying his health in his race to success. Is it his fault if the woman who lands in his family’s orchard thinks James MacKay is a farmer? From the moment she tumbles from the sky into his arms, Sarabeth makes her preference for a working man clear. When she learns his secret, she will leave anyway. She has a history of running away from billionaires.

Can destiny and true love overcome…
The multiple reasons why they shouldn’t fall in love? The fire between Sarabeth and James blazes to life instantly, but she’s looking for a blue-collar guy and he isn’t looking for anyone. And her fiancé might be on the way to try to get her—and his balloon—back. When James learns who he is, it will blow the lid off everything. Add in a meddling mama who doesn’t want to give up on the perfect daughter-in-law to create a perfect storm. Maybe it’s time to walk away. Or maybe what is between James and Sarabeth might be so huge it will burn off all the negativity.



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