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Fire and Ice: Part of Stoking the Flames, 13 Brand New Dragon Tales!

Paranormal Romance Guild’s Review of the anthology:
Here is what they had to say about FIRE AND ICE: KATE RICHARDS: 5*****STARS

Claire Nilson lived with her Aunt Frieda on a farm in Vermont, she graduated college with honors and was ready to take her CPA License. The only thing that she didn’t count on was that after graduation her aunt handed her an airline ticket, a duffle bag and enough money for lunch. She was headed to New Orleans where there was a job waiting for her and a place to live.

Ling Lee is a dragon who has to mate in less than forty-eight hours with the ice dragon or she risks being wed to a rival clan against her will and used as a sex slave. Claire is working at a nightclub called Crossroads and she is about to enter into a life she never could have expected. Ling is her mate, she is an ice dragon and is surrounded by all manner of shifters and even vampires. When Ling finds Claire laying in his bed he believes that she has come to him to complete the mating bond. Claire has never been attracted or turned on by any man or woman yet Ling has her moaning and groaning. Unfortunately he manages to set the bed on fire and for the first time she shifts and freezes everything in the room including Ling.

Claire is such a wonderful character and made me laugh everytime she yelled out to everyone that she is from Vermont, Vermont doesn’t have vampires or dragons. She also begins to believe that she has fallen down the rabbit hole. There are many surprises and secrets.

Fire And Ice Review by Petula Winmill on Amazon
By Kate Richards.
Claire Nilson has been sent to New Orleans by her aunt. She is supposed to work in a friend’s night club and gave fun. It doesn’t quite turn out like that.
Dragon shifter Ling Lee has a very short time to find and claim his mate according to the prophecy. He might get a chilly reception.
This one is lots of fun. There are some very strange shifters in this story. The characters are fascinating and I hope to find the rest of the series to read about the rest of them.
A very enjoyable read.

By Patricia stathamon March 29, 2017
In FIRE AND ICE by Kate Richardson . This one had me laughing out loud . When Claire’s aunt sends her to New Orleans Dragon Shifter Ling Lee is suppose to find his mate soon and Claire was suppose to just have fun . Until they meet and sparks fly . They are so fun to read and there are other shifters that make appearances in the book you will laugh so hard .

5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome lineup of authors. Awesome books.
ByDonnaHokon March 29, 2017
I’ve read two of the books so far and loved them both. One by Julie Mills and the other by Kate Richards. Both books were very entertaining and just made me want more from these authors.
I can’t wait to read more of these titles.

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