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Zodiac Shifters – Love’s Warrior

Zodiac Shifters

A collection of books with an astrological spin on love. From Aries to Virgo… discover all-new tales of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

Zodiac Shifters features New York Times, USA Today, and other bestselling authors. Each month expect new releases based upon the twelve astrology signs.

Aries- loyal, competitive, courageous

Love’s Warrior by Jennifer Hilt

All’s fair in love and the war to win back his fated mate…

Being the daughter of Aries, the God of War, means Jessica Tindal is an Amazon warrior. But she’s given up her bloodthirsty ways to hideout working as an herbal healing witch. Too bad she’s stuck in an Arctic ice station with a killer intent on framing her.

Enter Paranormal Marshall Carson Slater—ice bear shifter, silver-haired hottie, and oh yeah, Jessica’s ex-husband. Carson arrives in Icy Cap determined to do two things: take down the ice station killer and reclaim his wife. His protective instincts drive him to keep her by his side at all times, which plays perfectly into his plan to seduce her back into his bed and his life. Now all he has to do is prove her innocence and win her heart before the real killer strikes again.


Release date: Apr. 25 2017



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“This person we’re looking for is dangerous.” He rubbed his thumb against his bottom lip.
He did have fantastic lips.
“Someone besides the murderer?” Jessica asked.
His shirt collar was bent slightly. She curled her fingers into her palms to stop herself from smoothing it out.
“Could be a different person. Or the two could be the same. I doubt the two investigations are unrelated.”
“How can I help?” Jessica tilted her head up, up, up to meet his gaze.
“You are to do absolutely nothing with this investigation. You are to do exactly as I tell you so you can say safe.”
“And out of the way.” Jessica fumed. How typical of him.
“This is not the time to play detective. I’m running the investigation with the vamp. Someone will accompany you to breakfast then you may go to your lab until you’re retrieved for dinner.”
She’d forgotten how Carson could be such an arrogant ass.
“So you’re not my jailor?” Jessica headed for the door. Part of her wanted to flee the room.
Part of her wanted to climb that shifter like a monkey tree.
“It’s a sacrifice believe me.” Carson’s voice followed her. “I remember your preference for handcuffs.”


About the Author


Hi, I’m Jennifer Hilt – thanks for stopping by. I write sexy paranormal romantic suspense with ice bear shifters because that’s what I love to read. My paranormal romances are set in Icy Cap, hundreds of miles north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska. I’m fascinated by the intense world of paranormals living and loving during the cold dark winter nights.

I also write an urban fantasy YA series “The Alchemy of Charm” about a Scottish girls’ boarding school for wizards. I do all this work plus some very excellent procrastination from my Seattle home. I love FB pet videos, take out dinners and John Wick.


Connect with Jennifer:

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Dare to Love Bloghop


Kate Richards

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Do you miss Carly Phillips’ Dare to Love Series? The Kindle World revisits her characters AND brings new secrets, romances and new authors to read!

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Check out A Daring Contract  

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Dare to Love is an amazing Kindle World based on the series by author Carly Phillips. Here is a taste of my story in the World…A Daring Contract.
“You didn’t have to stay for this part.” Antonio took Kim’s arm, holding her steady as the undertaker activated the mechanism lowering Doug’s casket into the grave. “Even his own mother didn’t.” Clouds rapidly moved in, blocking the sunshine and bluish-smoggy SoCal sky. Palm trees stood sentinel to the oncoming storm. “We should get in the car before it rains.”
“You’ll notice she didn’t protest when I told her to take the car and I’d get a ride with someone.” A fresh flood of tears washed down her face as the funeral limo cleared the gate of the hilly cemetery and headed for the hotel where Mr. and Mrs. Steele, Senior were staying the night before the meeting with Doug’s attorney for the reading of the will in the morning. After that, they were catching a flight back to Boston. “She isn’t unfeeling. But it’s not their family custom to watch. And I’d rather say good-bye alone.” She glanced up at him in alarm when his hand jerked. “I mean without Mrs. Cold Shoulder. She never liked me, you know.”
“I’m not sure that’s true.” He let out a deep breath. “But it doesn’t matter anyway. He liked you fine.”
“Yes, he did. And I liked him, too. How will I ever go on without him, Tony? He was my life.”
The coffin moved below ground level, its bronze top shadowed by the edges of the hole. She ached so deep inside she didn’t think it would ever stop hurting. Just a week before they’d been planning their holiday, what parties to go to, whether to go to Boston or not this year—she’d voted yes, probably out of guilt because she didn’t like his mother either, and he’d voted no because he knew how tense the visits made her.
“We went last year, Kim,” he’d said, lying next to her in bed with the sheet lying over his hips, his toned, muscular upper body impossible to resist petting. “Let’s stay home, just the two of us. Maybe make a baby.”
Her throat became so tight, she could barely suck air through it, as if the looming clouds pressed her into the earth. As if she were being buried with Doug. “He wanted a baby and I put him off. I wanted to wait until I got tenure. Why did that seem important?” It didn’t mattered not at all!
“It was important. You two agreed to wait until your careers were stable before starting a family.” The coffin settled into the hole with a soft thump and the skies opened, at almost the same second. “Come on, Doug would kill me if I let you catch your death. We’re going home.”

You can buy A Daring Contract here
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Fire and Ice: Part of Stoking the Flames, 13 Brand New Dragon Tales!

Paranormal Romance Guild’s Review of the anthology:
Here is what they had to say about FIRE AND ICE: KATE RICHARDS: 5*****STARS

Claire Nilson lived with her Aunt Frieda on a farm in Vermont, she graduated college with honors and was ready to take her CPA License. The only thing that she didn’t count on was that after graduation her aunt handed her an airline ticket, a duffle bag and enough money for lunch. She was headed to New Orleans where there was a job waiting for her and a place to live.

Ling Lee is a dragon who has to mate in less than forty-eight hours with the ice dragon or she risks being wed to a rival clan against her will and used as a sex slave. Claire is working at a nightclub called Crossroads and she is about to enter into a life she never could have expected. Ling is her mate, she is an ice dragon and is surrounded by all manner of shifters and even vampires. When Ling finds Claire laying in his bed he believes that she has come to him to complete the mating bond. Claire has never been attracted or turned on by any man or woman yet Ling has her moaning and groaning. Unfortunately he manages to set the bed on fire and for the first time she shifts and freezes everything in the room including Ling.

Claire is such a wonderful character and made me laugh everytime she yelled out to everyone that she is from Vermont, Vermont doesn’t have vampires or dragons. She also begins to believe that she has fallen down the rabbit hole. There are many surprises and secrets.

Fire And Ice Review by Petula Winmill on Amazon
By Kate Richards.
Claire Nilson has been sent to New Orleans by her aunt. She is supposed to work in a friend’s night club and gave fun. It doesn’t quite turn out like that.
Dragon shifter Ling Lee has a very short time to find and claim his mate according to the prophecy. He might get a chilly reception.
This one is lots of fun. There are some very strange shifters in this story. The characters are fascinating and I hope to find the rest of the series to read about the rest of them.
A very enjoyable read.

By Patricia stathamon March 29, 2017
In FIRE AND ICE by Kate Richardson . This one had me laughing out loud . When Claire’s aunt sends her to New Orleans Dragon Shifter Ling Lee is suppose to find his mate soon and Claire was suppose to just have fun . Until they meet and sparks fly . They are so fun to read and there are other shifters that make appearances in the book you will laugh so hard .

5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome lineup of authors. Awesome books.
ByDonnaHokon March 29, 2017
I’ve read two of the books so far and loved them both. One by Julie Mills and the other by Kate Richards. Both books were very entertaining and just made me want more from these authors.
I can’t wait to read more of these titles.

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Stoking the Flames…releasing Tuesday 3/28!

Come to the Stoking the Flames Release Extravanza! We will have fun and games and lots more far it’s been a blast!

And don’t forget to grab your copy while it’s still 99 cents! BUY LINKS

A Daring Contract

Another Christmas tale…remember I said I had two this year! adaringcontract-kw-ebook-1

I haven’t written an arranged marriage before because it’s hard to write them so they make sense…unless they are historical or maybe scifi. And these characters were in it for maximum emotional impact! Here’s a little taste:

Christmas was only a few weeks off. Doug loved Christmas. Her eyes brimmed again and she brushed aside the tears. Last ones, at least until we get back in the truck. Pushing her curls back from her face, she fastened them with a silver barrette and sailed back out into the hallway. Tony waited there, and held out his arm for her to take. This time she shook her head. “I have to do this myself. Stand on my own two feet. Doug would want me to.”
“He always told me, if anything happened to him, to take care of you, you know.” But he let his arm drop to his side and settled for walking at her side to the doors marked Stearns, Stearns, Holliday and Steele. “This is us. I am not sure why we have to be here. We did our wills together, left everything to each other. Except for a few bequests to charity. But nothing that should require a formal reading.”
Tony held the door open and shrugged. “I guess we’ll find out. Maybe he decided to give me his tools.” Instrumental holiday music streamed out and she longed for the bad eighties tunes from the elevator. Directing her gaze away from the tasteful, silver and blue decorated Christmas tree in the corner, she tried to ignore it all. This Christmas was not happening at her house. Why would it?
“Like you need that ‘handyman set’ he kept around the house. If you want it, it’s yours, no matter what. Do you want it? To remember him by?”
He chuckled. “Nah. I don’t want anything of his. I have a lot of good memories of him and he and I , and of the three of us together. The Three Musketeers.”
An older woman sat behind a big glass desk. She stood when they entered. “Hello, Mrs. Steel. I am so sorry for your loss. Mr. Steele was well-liked by everyone in the office. Is this Mr. Chavez?”
“Yes,” Kim said. “This is Mr. Chavez.” The strain of keeping her voice steady about killed her, but the woman’s kind expression soothed her enough to go on. “I think we are expected.”
The woman spoke into her desk then stood. “Follow me, please. The rest of your party has already arrived.” Opening a door behind her desk, she waved them through then joined them in the hallway behind. “I will take you to Conference Room 3, and Mr. Stearns will be in shortly. He has been quite distraught as you can imagine.”
The conference room held a long, glossy wooden table capable of seating at least twenty people but only two seats were occupied. A half dozen folders were distributed in front of the occupied chairs and several others.
“About time you got here.” Her mother-in-law rested her folded hands on the folder at her place. “Is that what you wear to show respect to your dead husband?”
Kim’s wobbly knees tightened. “Good morning to you, too, Mother Steele.” She cleared her throat. “Edna.” She’d used the term of respect during her marriage, but the woman was the least motherly person she’d ever met and enough was enough. Edna Steele wore a dark tailored suit and low heels. Her dark-blonde hair, so similar in color to her late son’s, was in a neat twist at her nape. Everything expensive and in very good taste. At nearly sixty, she looked barely fifty. Kim as sure she herself looked older at the moment. But she’d kept the peace for all these years and didn’t have the strength to care any longer.
“Good morning, my dear.” Her father-in-law rose and came around the table to kiss her cheek. “Although not very good.”
Her heart broke for the man. At least twenty years older than his wife, he’d always been kind to her, despite his disappointment that his only son chose to make his way in the world so far from home.
She rested a hand on his arm. “No, not very good.” Before she could say more, the elder Mr. Stearns, senior partner, entered and moved to the head of the table.
“If you don’t mind, I will dispense with the pleasantries and get right to the reading of the will. I know Mr. and Mrs. Steele have a flight to catch and a copy of the document has been provided to each of you. As in most cases where a couple has been married for a number of years, Doug left the bulk of his estate to his wife, to Kim. There are a few bequests go over, but nothing out of the ordinary.”

Celebrate! A Love Brothers Anthology

I love Christmas baking and movies and music and writing Christmas stories. It’s no secret because I have a stack of them in my backlist. Often they are part of the 1Night Stand Series at Decadent Publishing. This year I was privileged to be part of two wonderful projects. Today I’d like to share a little about Celebrate! Liz Crowe has been writing about the Love family of Lucasville Kentucky for quite some time but as our holiday present, she invited several of us to join her for a huge Christmas celebration in her world.
If you’d like to hear more about us and check out all the author giveaways, join our groupchristmas-cookies!

My story is Love is Coming to Town and here’s a taste: Lucasville had been the nicest town Summer had been through so far. The headlights from whoever had been behind her on the road disappeared before she got there, which eased her paranoia. Holiday decorations glowed along the main street, dispelling the darkness of the snowy winter afternoon. At home, they would have already celebrated the solstice, welcomed the dawning after the longest night of the year with food and drink and dancing. A drum circle. Even a silly solstice tree hung with strands of popcorn and cranberries, birdseed pressed into the shapes of birds and animals, and other goodies to feed their friends in nature. Half the time it was so warm the cranberries melted off in puddles of goop before the birds could get to them, but the ants liked that.
Lydia and Bob would tell the story of how they first moved up to the big ranch in the mountains, along with a bunch of their friends, in the late 1970s, to form a utopia. God, she’d grown up with those people. Peace-loving, kind, and maybe a little out of touch. Home schooled, she’d learned to read from the author of a series of sci fi books set in an alternate universe, discussed philosophy with a disillusioned Harvard professor, and learned basic math from a rocket scientist who declined to work in an industry with military potential. She hadn’t known they were geniuses, but they were. Lydia had been in movies. Not that she’d shared that with her daughter. Living off the grid, with only the electricity provided by the early gen solar panels courtesy of yet another one of the geniuses in their community, she never even saw a movie or much TV until she insisted on getting a job.
For the last year or so, she’d been waiting tables at the diner/truck stop at the base of the mountain while she considered whether to go to college and study for a degree. On the always-on TV, she’d been surprised to see her mom in a black and white art movie on the late late show. When she’d asked, Lydia shrugged it off and went back to brewing mead.
Beekeeping was her art now.
The lights of Lucasville faded from her mirror and left her alone on the road again. Growing up in a puppy pile of siblings and commune brothers and sisters, she’d never been alone before. Amazing how a few months with him could change her outlook. The drifts of glistening white at the sides of the road soothed her. In a crowd, he could be anywhere, but here, he could not hide. As long as she saw no other vehicles, she was safe. She just had to keep going, but for how long. Forever? A hand cupped over her belly she murmured soothing nonsense.
Her parent s had provided her with a safe, happy childhood. Leaving them so Mike wouldn’t be hanging around the farm was the least she could do. How far could she be from Canada now? Somehow, in her mind, crossing that border would offer the protection she needed. It had worked for Vietnam draft dodgers, a couple of whom had lived with them off and on over the years, and the country was mentioned with reverence every time politics came up. A place to escape from a new, terrifying regime.
She’d go there and get a job waiting tables or something, raise her baby in peace and tranquility and state-provided health care. Summer could do it. She could protect the baby and her family from the fallout of her naiveté. Bob and Lydia and the others hadn’t meant to leave her so unprepared for life; they’d merely sheltered her and the other kids from ugliness, taught them the beauty of living on the land…and neglected to take into account the real world rolling on outside their pretty white picket fences.
It wasn’t their fault she’d fallen into the hands of an abusive man. Not entirely.
The bus shimmied again and she gripped the wheel as the rear fishtailed. She sailed toward the side of the road on a patch of invisible ice. Stop, she had to stop it and stamped on the brake. The slide became a spin and her heart raced as she flew down the road, the elderly bus turning around and around, her view of unending whiteness stealing any sense of direction until, as the blacktop curved, she flew into a snow bank at the side of the road and stopped.
The rattling, spluttering engine gave one more kachunk and stopped.
The single working windshield wiper stopped.
The heater stopped.
The falling snow did not stop.