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Ella’s Turning What? Bloghop!

Ella's Turning What Bloghop

Happy Birthday to Ella Jade! Instead of all the presents going to Ms. Jade, she’s decided to celebrate with 107 other bloggers (at last count) and all the presents are for you, the readers! For a full list of participants click here There are prizes galore so be sure to visit everyone and enter to win! And as a grand prize…a winner’s choice $100 gift card for either Amazon or Barnes & Noble! As to my little blog, I will offer a copy of It’s Just Love, my Beachwalk Press recent release. See below for how to win. It all starts Friday, August 9th and runs through the 11th.

All this talk of birthdays has me thinking of significant ages. I’m older than Ella so I have more birthdays to look back on. I dreaded 40 and that was the year I discovered the true purpose of the Internet. I met my husband online less than a year after that…and developed a Canasta addiction that gave me many hours of pleasure and new friends I still hang out with. I met DeeDee my original Canasta partner just this year at a writer’s conference in Cincinnati.

Which leads me to the next significant age…50. Yep, done that one, too. With 40 being such a winner (not whiner! I stopped whining right after the birthday) I was actually excited to see what 50 would bring and it was the year I got published for the very first time. Grandma Moses, I know, but I was still young enough to hop up with my cane and click my granny shoes together. But…it makes me think. Sixty is pretty far off still, but I’m not afraid of it. I am ready to see what it brings.

So, Miss Ella Jade, Happy Birthday, a significant one and one I hope will be the best you’ve had, so far!

Share a happy birthday memory and I’ll randomly select one winner for a copy of It’s Just Love. Good luck with all the many stops and prize drawings…and be sure to with Ella a happy birthday. After all, she’s the founder of the feast.
It's Just Love
Coral Nixie is living her dreams. Her cottage is blocks from her beloved beach and a haven for those seeking answers for their relationship problems.. And so what if her own love life is non-existent. Helping others and surfing should be enough for anyone, even a virgin, slightly lonely witch.
Gage Middleton is a successful author and relationship counsellor. His “Factors” can indicate the success of any relationship, and he’s about to propose to his own perfect match. Until Ms. Perfect dumps him and he has to go on TV and defend his theories against a ridiculous hippy witch with the most beautiful eyes.
On a dare from the host, the two set out to follow another couple on their first three dates. They have nothing in common…and neither do the man and woman they follow. And they hadn’t counted on their own attraction. Can they let go of their own stubborn beliefs and accept there’s nothing to prove. It’s Just Love.