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Hipster One Upmanship or My Veggies Are More Organic Than Yours

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I confess, I am a fallen vegetarian. I have been one at various times in my life, and I do believe it would be better for a whole list of reasons, but I cook for a household of carnivores, am married to a man who considers veggies something specifically put on the planet for me to nag him to eat…and I actually like meat a lot. But I buy as much organic, non-antibiotic, grass fed beef as I can, try not to waste, and keep the junk food in the house to a minimun.

We also belong to a CSA, Community Sponsored Agrigulture. Once per week we receive a large box of locally grown fruits and veggies. Becuase we are in SoCal, this is year round. However, in winter it’s not what my family necessarily considers ‘food.’ Lots of dark greens and squash, and I have to admit on occasion stuff gets away from me and ends up composted. But we eat most of it, and I suspect we are healthier as a result. Watermelon is for summer,strawberries are for spring, and we eat oranges and apples all winter. Just like the olden days. In this area, anyway. The veggies are fresher, last longer, and really do taste better and we have the added satisfaction of reducing our carbon footprint. Okay…nobody else in the house knows what that is, but it works just the same.

But this morning, I was getting a latte at my favorite indie coffee house (which is also locally owned and an awesome commmunity gatheriing place). While waiting for my lovely drink, with its little foam star, a man and woman came in to get a coffee. She commented that if the milk in my coffee was raw, I would be getting a really healthy drink. She also told me that wheat contains an opiate-like substance which creates a desire to eat more like marijuana does. And so on. Well…my hippie side surged forth and we had a friendly, warm, smiling competition. While her companion, a very nice man from India, watched. I don’t think anyone won, and I am pretty sure she really does eat healthy nearly all the time and didn’t have a box of mac’n cheese cups from Costco out in her car like I did…but I do feel pretty dumb when this happens. Why do I have to be hipper than thou? When fact is…I know that I have all I can do to live according to my own way of thinking, in the best way I can. I don’t have to prove myself to total strangers. I suspect it was guilt, beacause I ate a lot of Doritos last night. Maybe I can blame it on the chemicals in the nacho cheese. Maybe they contain chemicals that drive me to buy more junk food. Maybe it’s not my fault!

I’m just glad I’m still welcome at the coffee house…because if we’d come to blows over broccoli, I’d really miss the place. And I will try harder to take good care of myself,and make enough healthy food that my family is going to get some vitamins no matter how hard they try to avoid them. Okay,I think I’ll just go write the final love scene in my current work in progress, Honey Does. Because I love that better than any junk food, and those dang Doritos are still out there in the kitchen calling my name.