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Two Men – A new excerpt!

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Just a little something to wake you up…
Paul flipped onto his stomach on the cushioned lounge. Music from the poolside bar filtered to where he sunned himself on the private terrace outside his room. Another hour remained before he was due at the end of the dock for transport to his 1Night Stand date. Arriving a day early had given him a chance to relax so he wouldn’t be exhausted, but the time had dragged.
Who would the famous matchmaker, Madame Eve, send him for his wonderful night? He’d indicated a preference for dark hair, dark eyes, and a muscular stature. His growing attraction for Rex made it impossible to deny he could find a man attractive. Fuck-worthy even.
He’d arranged a date with a Rex look-alike in hopes he could get him out of his system. See if he even liked being with a man. But the pressure around the house had grown until he needed to do something to blow off steam.
Even Andie, their other best friend from forever, didn’t hang around as often. She came over, cooked for them, and bailed. Which kind of sucked because he lusted after her, too. I’m a really fucked up friend. One day the two people he cared for most in the world would realize they should be together. Honorable, protective Rex would take care of Andie and they would be a family.
He would be the guy who came over for Thanksgiving. Uncle Paul to their kids. Hiding his feelings forever, behind his patented clowning. God. He pushed up on his forearms and sat on the edge of the lounge, head in his hands. Great pity party. But he knew he was right. So there he was, on the date of a lifetime.
About to have sex with some strange guy. The fact that the date had been set up on some offshore island, where they wouldn’t have any contact with the outside world for a full twenty-four hours, made it that much worse.
Would he even be able to get it up? The only man who’d ever made him hard was his best friend. Forcing back the despair that turned his limbs to lead, he headed for the shower. If he couldn’t expunge Rex from his system, he’d have to go home and admit his feelings. Then move. Far away. Maybe he could get a transfer to Alaska.
And leave the door open for Rex and Andie to finally get together. As it should be. As they would have by now if he wasn’t such a selfish bastard. Rex would never make a move as long as Paul hung around.