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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Man

A Midsummer Night’s Dream-Man
A Bloghop

Summer guys are something special. I live in SoCal and spent the afternoon just up the coast from where It’s Just Love takes place. Growing up here, to me, surfers and beach volleyball players are the guys of summer. There’s something incredibly sexy about a guy leaping into the air and falling in the sand laughing…or paddling out into the waves and riding them in all the way to the shore. And if he has long, sun-streaked hair and broad shoulders…even better. I Boogie Board…but I think if I actually got on a surfboard I’d probably bonk someone in the head or othewise endanger the beach-going public. But I love watching. I guess that makes me a surf voyeur! 🙂

Definitely the men to dream over on a warm summer night. Or to write about.

My hero, Gage, in It’s Just Love isn’t a typical beach guy. He’s gotten a little too far away from his days at the beach, tied up in his career and has forgotten how to have fun. He’s dangerously in charge of losing his sexy factor. He never even has time to play on his sailboat.

A love-potion selling witch/beach bunny like Coral should be the cure for what ails him, right? If only they could see the possibillities!

Coral Nixie is living her dream. Her cottage is blocks from her beloved beach and a haven for those seeking answers for their relationship problems. And so what if her own love life is non-existent? Helping others and surfing should be enough for anyone, even a virgin, slightly lonely witch.

Gage Middleton is a successful author and relationship counselor. His “factors” can indicate the success of any relationship, and he’s about to propose to his own perfect match. Until Ms. Perfect dumps him and he has to go on TV and defend his theories against a ridiculous hippy witch with the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen.

On a dare from the host, the two set out to follow another couple on their first three dates. Gage and Coral have nothing in common—and neither do the man and woman they follow—but they hadn’t counted on their own attraction to each other. Can they let go of their stubborn beliefs and accept that there’s nothing to prove? It’s Just Love.
It's Just Love

Who are the men you would like to dream about on a warm summer’s night? Leave a comment and be sure to visit all the other blogs to have a chance to win terrific prizes!