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Summertime, Funtime

Is it Summer Yet Bloghop Welcome to the Is it Summer Yet Blog Hop!

Summer is all about kicking back, having a great time, good food, good fun and good friends. Some of my characters would like to offer suggestions on where they love spending their summertime!

Two men_MD
These Two Men suggest the Caribbean, maybe the Bahamas. Drink your fill of sneak-up on you Bahama Breezes, eat delightful seafood and maybe share a little bit of romance on a private island. After all, as Rex and Paul point out, summer only comes once a year.

anappleaway-300dpi At the Wiccan Haus, a paranormal air adds that special touch to the one week vacation. I highly recommend the apple orchard cottages for a secluded ménage. The apples are magical!

Corbins-Bend-Postcard-AD Corbin’s Bend, the ome of the new hot series from Lazy Day, is not far from Denver and a great place to travel. It’s a little community where spanking is the lifestyle, the mountain air is fresh, hiking trails alongside sparkling steams are nearby, and For Ben, my contribution to the community will arrive on July 9.

Click here to link to all the other participants in this fun event! Leave me a note and let me know what your idea of a summer paradise is and I will randomly select three winners, each to receive a copy of one of these three books. Have a great summer!

Two Men – A new excerpt!

Two men_MDARe BestsellerIcon100X100
Just a little something to wake you up…
Paul flipped onto his stomach on the cushioned lounge. Music from the poolside bar filtered to where he sunned himself on the private terrace outside his room. Another hour remained before he was due at the end of the dock for transport to his 1Night Stand date. Arriving a day early had given him a chance to relax so he wouldn’t be exhausted, but the time had dragged.
Who would the famous matchmaker, Madame Eve, send him for his wonderful night? He’d indicated a preference for dark hair, dark eyes, and a muscular stature. His growing attraction for Rex made it impossible to deny he could find a man attractive. Fuck-worthy even.
He’d arranged a date with a Rex look-alike in hopes he could get him out of his system. See if he even liked being with a man. But the pressure around the house had grown until he needed to do something to blow off steam.
Even Andie, their other best friend from forever, didn’t hang around as often. She came over, cooked for them, and bailed. Which kind of sucked because he lusted after her, too. I’m a really fucked up friend. One day the two people he cared for most in the world would realize they should be together. Honorable, protective Rex would take care of Andie and they would be a family.
He would be the guy who came over for Thanksgiving. Uncle Paul to their kids. Hiding his feelings forever, behind his patented clowning. God. He pushed up on his forearms and sat on the edge of the lounge, head in his hands. Great pity party. But he knew he was right. So there he was, on the date of a lifetime.
About to have sex with some strange guy. The fact that the date had been set up on some offshore island, where they wouldn’t have any contact with the outside world for a full twenty-four hours, made it that much worse.
Would he even be able to get it up? The only man who’d ever made him hard was his best friend. Forcing back the despair that turned his limbs to lead, he headed for the shower. If he couldn’t expunge Rex from his system, he’d have to go home and admit his feelings. Then move. Far away. Maybe he could get a transfer to Alaska.
And leave the door open for Rex and Andie to finally get together. As it should be. As they would have by now if he wasn’t such a selfish bastard. Rex would never make a move as long as Paul hung around.

Two Men is an ARe bestseller!

ARe BestsellerIcon100X100Two men_MD

I just received a notice that it has moved up to #30…and I am so thrilled! I hope you’ll have a chance to read Two Men and tell me what you think of the story. The AllRomance Ebooks buy link is here.

Excerpts anyone!
Paul lifted his duffel then stared at the pink sand beach before him. “So I just wade on in?”
“Yes,” the blonde said, sliding into the water and sloshing in their direction. When she arrived at their side, the water hit her lower thighs. At his height it wouldn’t even hit his knees. “If Donny beaches the taxi, it’s a lot harder to get going again than just letting you off here. Is that okay?” She reached for the hand the pilot offered and hopped onto the deck.
“Sure, no problem.” He kicked off his deck shoes, set his bag down, and dropped in, then grabbed his things and faced shore. “But where do I go when I get on land?”
“Just head straight up the beach to the path. You can’t miss it…there’s one building on the whole island.”
He returned their waves and started toward the date that would change his life. I can’t believe I’ve committed to having sex with a man. He would find out whether that was possible. Whether he could approach Rex when he got home rather than just hint. I’ve had a crush on you for years. Want to fool around? Couldn’t sound lamer. But if this one-night stand didn’t get him out of his system, he would do it. Rex would either be horrified and throw him out on his ass or assume he made another one of his jokes.
But he’d have to be clear as the sea around the island. Provided he could follow through. And since all his previous experiences were with women, he didn’t know for sure.
He had one reason to believe Rex might be interested, and it wasn’t much to go on. How long had he watched him jack off on the couch? Hopefully all the way to the end.