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Saturday Spanks

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Hi All,
Here is a little something from my WIP…hope you enjoy!
He fought his usual reaction to her words. He’d zipped up and walked away before when she became shrewish, but this time he brought his hand down on her cheek in a flurry of slaps, holding her in place with the other. “But, wife, surely you don’t expect me to leave you hanging, just to take my own pleasure.” He spanked over her upper thighs, making handprints that overlapped to his great satisfaction. But this time anger was not in the game. He was hot for her form and anxious to bring her back to the soft woman he remembered, who he’d glimpsed in the living room. “This is our evening together and we are going to enjoy it.”
Roy’s passion for his wife surged along with the flush on her backside. Cherry red suited her, and if she couldn’t sit down at work in comfort the next day, perhaps she’d remember how she had attempted—yes, attempted, because this time he was not going to let her have her way—to change their plans. If she insisted, they were over.

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My latest release: Frontier Inferno

Frontier Inferno_LG

For Heather, Castle, Alaska offers many surprises. A new job—as a nanny of all things—a handsome firefighter whose charisma proves a distraction from her plans, and the danger of discovery. Heather may have to hightail it out of Castle and into the wilderness, or risk being dragged back into the very situation she’d fled.

Romance takes a backseat for single dad Chris Elder, while he focuses on his young son and his job as a firefighter/smokejumper in the small community of Castle. But the arrival of the feisty woman from the lower forty-eight may prove more than his resolutions, or his libido, can handle.

Can the magic of Alaska save these two from a lonely future, or will circumstances force them to step back from their Frontier Inferno?
#frontierinferno #calendarmen

“So you’re the lady who got off the train.” Pure Aussie flooded the syllables. “Do you have people here?”
His accent melted her. Heather closed the door behind her and approached him, drawn as if by a magnet to his side. “No, no people.”
“Then you must be staying at the Castle Lodge.” He frowned. “Sam, can you give the resort a call? I don’t know why the shuttle didn’t meet the train. It’s not like them to miss picking up a guest.”
Even off-season, any place labeled resort was sure to be expensive. “Oh, no…I am not here on vacation. But I do need somewhere to stay. I thought I could find work and maybe a rooming house or something.” They had those in this kind of town, didn’t they? The hardware man froze, his hand on the phone, and gaped at her.
“Well…we don’t expect tourists until late May, so nothing’s open yet, and that includes the Black Bear Motel and the hostel. The only available rooms in April are at the Lodge. Even up there, they’re on a skeleton staff at this season, but the rest of the employees will already be lined up for summer.”
She patted her pocket where her alarmingly thin wallet sat. “Nothing at all?” If she couldn’t find work, she’d have to use the last bit of money to take the train back down to Anchorage and…and everything would fall apart from there, her careful plans come to naught.
“I think there is one job open.” Sam lifted a stack of thick woolen blankets from one shelf and moved it to another, then grabbed a feather duster and whisked it over the empty space. “But it probably isn’t anything you want.”
Her heart lurched. “What? I’ll do anything.”
Billy’s dad chuckled. “If it’s the job I think it is, I believe, Miss…Ms…. I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name. I’m Chris Elder and this is Sam Harvey who runs the hardware store we couldn’t get by without. And you’ve met my son, Billy.”
“Please call me Heather. And Billy welcomed me to town, yes.”
She couldn’t imagine what position they might think she wouldn’t want. Of course, they didn’t know the measure of her desperation. And how bad could a hotel job be? Housekeeping? Bussing tables? Heck, she’d scrub pots and pans in the kitchen if necessary. “About the Lodge; should I see anyone special up there? Oh,” a thought occurred to her, “how do I get there?” There wouldn’t be a bus, and she hadn’t seen anything like a cab parked at the tiny station. The hotel might not send their guest shuttle for someone begging for work.
“That’s not a problem. I have to head right past it on the way to my place. If you like, we’ll be done here in a few minutes, and we can give you a lift. Right, Billy?”
“Right, Dad.” The adorable blond bobbed his head. “And we can show you everything on the way.”
Asking the potential employer to send a shuttle to pick her up wouldn’t make the best impression. With no other option—and a real interest in ogling Chris a little longer—what did she have to lose? A sexy, clean-cut guy with his small child, a man well-known in town, wasn’t the type she imagined would kidnap her.
A small hand stole into hers. “Did I tell you my dad is a fireman?”
Ohhh…talk about dreamboat guys with dreamboat jobs.
“And he jumps out of airplanes, and his picture is on a calendar.”
Heather refocused on his father, taking in his impressive physique one more time. “I can imagine that.”
Chris’s cheeks reddened under her scrutiny. “It’s for charity.”

Saturday Spankings!

Saturday Spankings-467x200It’s been a little while since I’ve played here, but with my new spanking book well underway, I’m delighted to share! Here is a bit from my upcoming Lazy Day title: For Ben
“Maybe, Teri, but it’s time someone held you to your agreements, and if you will recall…this was one of them.”
She stilled and so did his hand, rubbing small circles on her ass, while he decided how many more spanks her behavior merited. “Oh, God, you can’t be holding me to that ridiculous game we used to play.”
He lifted his hand high and whacked, hard. “You didn’t think it was a game when you proposed the plan.” Way back when, during their engagement, she’d introduced some elements of domestic discipline into their life. He’d spanked her once or twice for sassy behavior, but it really had never been more than a game. “But maybe never taking it beyond sex play was my mistake. Maybe if I’d been a little more proactive we wouldn’t have gotten to this point.”
“Roy, stop this immediately.” She struggled, a warm armful, her breasts rubbing against the side of his thigh.
“I think your news is punishment-worthy, don’t you?”
Frontier Inferno_LG

And although it’s not a spanker, Frontier Inferno will be released by Decadent Publishing on April 1 and is available a little early on Decaden’s site …hope you’ll take a look! It takes place in a little town called Castle, Alaska…where many of my characters have been mingling for awhile (and one of the secondary characters in this one will show up in a spanking book before too long, I think!)
For Heather, Castle, Alaska offers many surprises. A new job—as a nanny of all things—a handsome firefighter whose charisma proves a distraction from her plans, and the danger of discovery. Heather may have to hightail it out of Castle and into the wilderness, or risk being dragged back into the very situation she’d fled.

Romance takes a backseat for single dad Chris Elder, while he focuses on his young son and his job as a firefighter/smokejumper in the small community of Castle. But the arrival of the feisty woman from the lower forty-eight may prove more than his resolutions, or his libido, can handle.

Can the magic of Alaska save these two from a lonely future, or will circumstances force them to step back from their Frontier Inferno?
#frontierinferno #calendarmen

So, What do you think of Roy and Teri? Leave me a note and I’ll draw a winner at random for a copy of Frontier Inferno!

The Day after Love Spanks

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It’s always fun to do a big event, especially one put on by Anastasia Vitsky. She has the ability to bring out readers and authors in droves to frolic together and I never get more blog visits or more interesting comments. Because I am working on the latest in my Play at Work series, I included a scene from it, where Carina has a provacative encounter with an office policy she signed off on, without reading the fine print…and an even more provacative encounter with the supervisor who administers it.

I asked if anyone had ever had a crush on their boss and learned most of us have. Which really makes me anxious to finish this story! :)

If you didn’t get a chance to read all the posts by the participating authors, the links can be found on my previous post. You won’t regret it. It was quite a rush. :)

Love Spanks 2014

LoveSpanks2014Love Spanks 2014 is finally here! You’ve tasted us, and now you get to sample free stories from top F/F authors. Please visit Governing Ana for the prize list, sign-up sheet, and free books. You can win from a prize pool valued at over $1,000, including a Kindle Fire or Nook HD!

Many authors will also be offer a contest on their individual blogs. Your comment on their blogs automatically enters you in both the main contest and the individual contests!

What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing! We love writing for you and want to thank you for your readership. Perhaps someone might get a spanking or two, but that’s a reward rather than a catch, right?

How do you play?

1.Visit each blog between Friday, February 7 and Sunday, February 9 to read the posted stories and excerpts.
2.Leave a comment answering the story question on each blog. You will receive one entry per blog for the grand prize drawing. You will also be automatically entered in that author’s individual contest, if she has one.
3.If you have visited all of the blogs, visit Ana’s blog to sign up for FIVE bonus entries to the grand prize.
4.Deadline is midnight EST (UTC -5) on February 9!!
5.If you successfully completed a previous challenge (Spank or Treat 2013, Spankee Doodle 2013, Love Spanks 2013, or Spank or Treat 2012), you may add “VIP” to your comments. You will earn THREE bonus entries toward the grand prize. (Yes, we will be doing this again. Yes, if you successfully complete the Love Spanks 2014 challenge you can become a VIP for our next activity!)
6.If you are a F/F author or thinking of becoming one, please add “FF” to your comments. That way, your name will be entered in the special F/F author prize drawings.
7.If you are Love Spanks 2014 Ambassador, please add “Amb” to your comments to receive your extra prize drawing.
8.Visit any of the participating blogs on Friday, February 14 to find out the lucky winners. Will it be you?

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Love Spanks 2014
The Scene
Play at Work

Carina’s hair jerked back and she shrieked.
“What are you doing?” Ms. Anderson stood behind her, her ponytail fisted in the tall elegant woman’s hand. “Spying on Mr. Marks in his office, Miss Martinelli?”
Well, yes, yes she had been, sort of, but… “I had a message for him.” She waved the orange Post-it in her defense. “The man said it was important and he didn’t answer his phone.” Her first week as a temporary receptionist at Marks and Company was getting off to a banner start. Long-term temp positions were hard to come by, especially at companies with a reputation for hiring later. And Carina wanted very badly to find a permanent job with a good firm.
“Did it occur to you that Mr. Marks might be in conference?”
She had been so startled by what she’d heard as she approached the executive offices… “I don’t think that’s a conference.” The sounds emerging had been sharp and followed by exhales of breath and…a moan?
“Oh?” Ms. Anderson did not release her ponytail, but tightened her grip and towed Carina along to her office. “And with your great level of experience…you know exactly how we do business here?” Carina’s interest in what went on in the boss’s office faded as she focused on Ms. Anderson. After all, lots of bosses fooled around, one way or another and it really wasn’t her business.
But all week, she’d been fascinated by the clerical supervisor. Ms. Anderson, who was probably about ten or fifteen years older than Carina, maybe forty, wore her hair in an old fashioned French twist that somehow worked on her, sexy in a severe way. Her tailored suit, a pale shade of ecru, outlined her trim figure and large breasts, breasts Carina tried to keep her eyes from ogling as her mind spun. “No…no I don’t know. Where are we going?”
“To my office, to administer your punishment.”
Carina stumbled in her unfamiliar high heels as she attempted to keep up with the taller woman. They passed at least a dozen offices, where people watched with interest, but not alarm. Did employees get dragged around by their hair every day?
When they reached the supervisor’s neat, clean office, where Carina had sat just that morning, filling out paperwork, she found herself pivoted into a chair. The older woman loomed over her. “I believe this is a record, having to spank an employee so soon.” She lifted Carina’s gaping jaw with a finger. “But perhaps you did it on purpose. To attract my attention?”
As Ms. Anderson took a seat in her executive chair and drew open a drawer, Carina tried to understand what was happening. “You can’t spank employees.”
She frowned, “Why ever not?”
“I’m only a temp.”
The woman chuckled and slid a folder across her desk. “In here I have the papers you signed this morning. The temp version of our employee agreement. Did you want to review it again?”
Confused, she flipped the folder open and read the first page. The normal stuff, attire, hours, confidentiality. Some offices had her sign something like this so it hadn’t struck her as odd. Page 2…Discipline.
Carina’s breath stalled in her chest. Employees are subject to corporal punishment for violation of the Code of Conduct on page 3. A small box by the sentence contained her initials. Traveling to different workplaces on a regular basis, she’d become so inured to the paperwork, she hadn’t read it carefully. In fact, she had merely skimmed the agreement, looking for signature lines and boxes to initial, and read none of it.
Hand shaking, she glanced up at Ms. Anderson’s cool gray stare then returned her attention to the file and turned to page 3. One word leapt out at her.
Dear God, what kind of place is this?
“Are you done, Miss Martinelli?” Ms. Anderson lifted the cell phone from her desk and glanced at it. “I have a meeting in ten minutes. We’d better get on with it.”
“I don’t…that is, can we talk about it?” Carina’s mind flew. Surely it was just a hypothetical spanking…they couldn’t mean…. “What if I say no?”
“Then you are dismissed from any future employment with Marks and Co.” The supervisor’s chair squeaked as she pushed back from the desk and patted her lap. “Now, Miss Martinelli.”
Carina stood, her knees shaking. “I can’t lie over your lap and let you spank me.” Still, she made her way to the older woman, feet moving as if without her volition. “I don’t think it’s legal.” Ms. Anderson took her arm and tugged her forward and she fell over her knees, face buried in the stiff material of the woman’s skirt.
The scent of perfume—something expensive she’d had sprayed on her in a department store once but hadn’t been able to afford when she’d checked at the counter—tickled her nose. Carina drew in a deep breath. She couldn’t say why she cooperated, but she’d been fascinated by the woman since she arrived and didn’t mind at all the opportunity to get closer.
A light weight rested on her lower back. A hand? The thought of a palm slapping her, of pain, tensed her muscles, but she couldn’t bring herself to move. Instead she waited, a tight ball coiled in her belly, heat suffusing her lower body.
“Miss Martinelli, for your violation of our policies against, well, essentially against snooping, you will receive twenty slaps with my hand. Further violations will result in more strenuous spankings. Look in front of you.”
Bracing her fingertips on the floor, Carina lifted her head and stared at the wall. A paddle hung there, at least eighteen inches in length, maybe two-thirds that in width. Pale wood, smooth. Innocuous, but there it was.
She shivered.
“Are you ready?” The smooth voice rolled over her like warm whiskey. This began to seem less like punishment and more like a reward. She’d never expected to get so close to such an elegant woman so fast.
A nervous giggle emerged just as a firm slap landed on her left cheek, choking off her mirth. Her thin skirt offered no protection, nor did her thong underwear, from the force of the blows. The second followed, stinging, and the third, on the other cheek then a flurry of five? Maybe six. Carina drew in a breath and two waiting.
“We rarely do this, you know.”
No she didn’t know. But nothing had hurt too badly so far and she was willing to listen.
“But sometimes we want to make a point right in the beginning.” Ms. Anderson smoothed a few flyaway locks of hair back from Carina’s face. “Especially with people who have potential.”
“Potential?” Her voice cracked as a flurry of another dozen spanks warmed her butt.
“Why, yes.” Ms. Anderson patted her back and she flinched a little, but preened under the attention, nonetheless. “You’ve been doing a fine job, today’s little performance notwithstanding.”
The rug under her fingers was thick and luxurious and Ms. Anderson’s high heels were half buried in its pile. Her trim ankles rose to shapely calves and Carina wondered what the supervisor would do if she caressed them.
“Ready to wrap this up?”
In fact, not so much, but she nodded and clenched her fists to keep them away from the sweet legs so close to her. “Okay.”
Another five strong slaps stung on her already abused rear end and the allure of Ms. Anderson’s calves subsided as she struggled with tears. But as soon as the last spank landed, the supervisor lifted her to her feet and held her hands together in front of her. “I think you’ve learned your lesson, Miss Martinelli?” Her severe tone was belied by a twinkle in her eye, confusing Carina, but encouraging her at the same time.
“I hope I don’t cause you any trouble in future, Ms. Anderson.” The supervisor wrapped an arm around her shoulder and walked her toward the door.
“If you do, rest assured I shall be glad to help you to regain your perspective.” She gave Carina a friendly squeeze and propelled her into the hallway. “I think my paddle has your name on it.”
As the door closed between her and Ms. Anderson, Carina shuddered. Another afternoon in Ms. Anderson’s lap loomed in her future. Her copies of the employee agreement were in her desk and sure to offer excellent ways to violate something that would take her where she wanted to be.

I love writing workplace romances…I had a couple myself before I met the love of my life. So…tell, have you ever had a big crush on your boss? And was that a good or bad idea?

Kate’sromances can be found at and your other favorite ebookstores. KR-TOH-200x300

For a complete list of participating authors, please click here.

FB-Love Spanks 2014-525

Love Spanks 2014


Coming soon! Watch for updates to the most fun event…ever. :) LoveSpanks2014banner-525

Saturday Spanks

Courting DarknessSaturday Spankings-467x200

Today I offer you a little something from Switch, The Trainer Book 1, which is free at today and tomorrow to help warm you up in this cold cold winter! :)

“Esme, please hold your hands out in front of you.” She did, and watched with fascination as he bound her wrists together, forming multiple complex knots with the smooth rope. “A little shibari, Japanese rope tying. A hobby of mine. I can never just do a simple square knot. But the main purpose is to keep you from getting hurt. Remember, I told you how delicate the hands can be.”
“Y-yes.” She’d never seen anything as sexy in her life. Would Rick like a new hobby? Her breath shortened and her pussy clenched.
She focused on the thick pile of the carpet in front of her, cream and beige, soft under her fingers, but if she were to lie on her back there, with a freshly spanked ass, to take Rick’s cock inside her, what would that feel like?
The trainer dragged her panties to her knees, leaving them there—another layer of bondage.
All concerns about her lack of kink faded as a trickle of moisture tickled the top of her thigh.
“We’ll begin with ten. Count them off. Rick, pay close attention.”
Smack. On her right cheek. “Oww…one.” Red flared across her vision, and she tensed her fingers, bracing for the next.
Smack. “Two.” Her left side stung.


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