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Don’t Call Me Iron Man!


Hello, I’m ND and I’m here to not only promote, but celebrate both the release of my first ever Beyond Fairytales story and the Christmas Holiday. I’m even giving away a $20 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of the book!

When I got to thinking about a blog tour, I decided I wanted to go with something that celebrates the holiday but isn’t strictly about promo. So here’s what I come up with…over the next six days, you – my dear readers, will get a glimpse of what a good old fashioned Christmas is like to a grown up cybernetic man who’s never experienced it. So pull up a chair, a glass of your favorite holiday drink – whether that be eggnog or apple cider, and enjoy a little holiday fun as Ivan introduces his master and lover to everything that we humans take for granted during the holiday season…

Popcorn and A Satan-spawned Calico

“Remove them.” Lucero barely managed to keep from ripping his mate’s clothing from his fit body. Chilled on the outside from their long trip through a huge tree farm, but burning up with desire, his patience was at an end. He had waited while the nice man had helped Ivan put the tree in the back of the vehicle, even though he could’ve lifted the five hundred pound tree with ease. He had listened to something called Christmas Carols in the radio. He had even waited until they’d managed to get the tree, root ball and all inside of Ivan’s apartment. Now, he wanted his reward. Yards and yards of bare skin that he could touch, fondle, and kiss to his heart’s content.

“Sir?” Ivan, who had been admiring the seven-foot Douglas pine and the wooden tub they’d placed the root ball in, gave him a puzzled look.

He crossed his arms over his chest. “You heard me. The clothing. I want them all off. I’ve been patient long enough.”

Ivan’s chest rose, then fell heavily as he reached for the hem of the dark green sweater that reminded Lucero of the lush, but deadly An’tealan Forest he’d called home for so long. As the offending material cleared Ivan’s head, Lucero forced himself to remain where he was. He was the dominant. He didn’t have to manipulate the insigne trium hanging from Ivan’s left nipple. Nor did he need to tug on the polished silver loops that claimed Ivan as his.

But damned if I don’t want to.

“The rest of it,” he croaked out, his breath coming faster. “I want to see what’s mine.”

“Yes, Sir.” Ivan’s fingers hovered over the button holding up the denim leggings his lover called jeans. “But if I can beg a few more minutes? I need to start the popper and gather the supplies, and the last thing I want to do is burn my dick.”

“Naked. That was our bargain. You will be careful.” He gave the command with utter confidence. His mate lived to please him, just as he lived to care for his man. “The jeans. Remove them.”

Ivan lowered his lapis colored eyes and flicked the button of his jeans open before shoving the leggings down his long muscular legs. Then he kicked free of the pants. As he straightened, Lucero’s lust spiked. Completely nude in the center of his living room with Luci-belle weaving around his ankles, Ivan should’ve looked silly. But the thick erection at the apex of his thighs is what caught and held Lucero’s attention. Especially, as moisture dotted the crown. The man was already leaking for him.

“May I go gather the supplies now, Sir?”

“Slowly. I want to watch you move.”

Ivan bit his lip and obeyed, as Lucero took a deep breath and sank onto the plush couch. Luci-belle, Ivan’s Satan-spawned calico, jumped up on his lap and butted her head against his chest, as Ivan almost slinked from the living room and into the kitchen. A few minutes later, the smell of buttery popcorn drifted into the kitchen. As he ran his hands over Luci-belle’s soft fur, he wondered if his control was strong enough to allow his mate the tradition Ivan insisted he wanted to share with him.

It has to be. This is important to him.

Stay tuned tomorrow for what happens when Ivan rejoins Lucero. Will they string popcorn or will Lucero claim what is his…on Layla Tarar’s blog.   And don’t forget to tell me what kind of decorations you like (homemade or store bought) in the Rafflecopter form (or link) below…you’ll be entered to win a twenty dollar gift card from Amazon and a free copy of Don’t Call Me Iron Man. I’ll be drawing the winner on Dec 21st and announcing the winner on my BLOG.

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Once upon a time…there was this guy. A man who had an IQ out of this world, and was arrogant enough to give the legendary Tony Stark a run for his money. He had everything he could ever want—a good job, more money than he knew what to do with, and all the sex he wanted—no strings attached. But that all changed on one fateful night… 

The last thing Ivan Chugunov expects when he drop by his favorite haunt for a few brews is to be entertained by a mysterious storyteller. But as he listens to the man’s tale of a prince and an oddity that went by the name of Iron John, he finds himself lost in the story…only to awaken in another realm—one with a quest—for him. Repair the purifier vital to all those who lived and retrieve a medical unit. Seems simple enough, and a small price to pay to return to his own time. 

Well, until he finds out that said ‘LT-1789 unit’ is actually a reclusive cybernetic man. One who will demand his own price of Ivan—three nights of unbridled sexual bliss…with Ivan at his mercy. Only then will he return to the royal clutch.

Can Ivan, a man who relishes control above all else, submit to a man who may be more machine than human? 


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Find out about Ivan and Lucero’s other holiday experiences…

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Dec 20thTara Andrews

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Life’s Unexpected Gifts by Livia Grant

Violence has been part of Hallie Boudreaux’s life for too
long. Deciding all men are barbaric abusers, she’s once again on the run away
from danger. Desperate to feel safe, if even for a few days, Hallie remembers
the only time she had felt truly happy in the last seven years were the summers
spent at her Aunt Gina and Uncle Adam’s. Taking a chance her aunt might take
her in, Hallie points her dilapidated car towards Corbin’s Bend, praying she
makes it there before her clunker takes it’s last gasp.
Troy Jackson can’t wait to surprise his sister on her 30th birthday. He’s
recently moved back to Colorado to be closer to his only relative, Traci, a
psychologist living in Corbin’s Bend. The surprise is on Troy when his normally
conscientious sister runs amok on her big birthday proving that even
intelligent, independent women still need the stern guidance of the men in
their lives. Having grown up with loving parents who practiced the domestic
discipline way of life, both Traci and Troy subscribe to the founding
principles of the Corbin’s Bend community wholeheartedly.

Hallie’s family is thrilled to have her in Corbin’s Bend, but can Hallie come
to terms with living in a community based on its endorsement of spanking, a
practice Hallie sees as abuse. Can Traci’s counseling help her overcome her
fear in order to accept her new life in Corbin’s Bend, or is it Traci’s brother
who ultimately has the power to show Hallie that not all men are abusers?

I was a
Corbin’s Bend fan before I decided to
become a Corbin’s Bend author.   The concept of a town where spanking was not
only the norm, but part of the town’s DNA, intrigued to me.   I confess, the first few books I read, I
absolutely enjoyed, but I wasn’t sure how authors would keep coming up with new
and unique story ideas that would keep the series feeling fresh.   I no longer worry about that, because with
each story, the town is literally coming to life.  Each new story adds new locations, residents
and a rich shared history.
As the
ideas for Life’s Unexpected Gifts
started formulating in my mind I had, what I thought at the time, a crazy
idea.  I kept trying to come up with
different ideas, because I was worried that my original story plan might be too
different.   In the end, I wrote the
story exactly as I originally dreamed.  I
am hoping Corbin’s Bend fans love the newest edition to the series.
Some of
the highlights

story starts out about a brother and sister, Troy and Traci Jackson.  Their relationship plays an important role
throughout the story.

our heroine, has encountered domestic violence in her past.  As a result, living in a town where
discipline rules poses daily challenges for her. 

get to take a front row seat to Hallie’s therapy sessions with Traci, resident
psychologist.   Through their growing
friendship, I was able to dive into many of the drivers behind the whole
concept of dominance and submission, hopefully with a dose of humor.

and Troy’s first ‘meet’ is unique, to say the least. 

book is a full-length novel.
“I’m staying. Just leave.” Hallie whines with attitude.
“Nope. Your uncle put me in charge. You’ve had enough to drink.
Time to head home.”
“Or what?” She has a fire in her eyes. She is throwing down an
intentional dare. A group
of teenagers gathered nearby are watching the interaction with

“I’m not playing this game.” He reaches to secure her upper arm in
his tight grip. He
turns to head towards the exit, but she digs in her fashion heels
and tries to hold him back. His anger is simmering. He hadn’t missed that she’s
curvier than he had remembered and he suspects Aunt Gina has been feeding her
well, but it doesn’t change the fact she’s petite enough that he can hustle her
along easily.

They’re at the coat-check room before Troy releases her arm in
order to dig out the claim check. They move aside to make room for the people
lining up. Before the young attendant can return with their coats, Hallie is
heading back towards the party.
His patience is at an end. He doesn’t know her story yet, but one
thing is for sure, Hallie Boudreaux is in sore need of some discipline.
Unfortunately, that job will fall to her uncle as her relative. All Troy can
offer at this juncture is a stern lecture. A wave of resentment festers within
him directed at Hallie. He was already feeling like an old man around her, but
he hates that she’s turning him into her father.
He shuffles them to a nearby doorway, out of the path of the other
partygoers, trapping her against the closed door. He presses in close, allowing
his towering body to try to intimidate Hallie into compliance. “Now, I’ve had
enough. I have no idea what happened in your past that makes you think acting
like a brat is acceptable, but here’s your wake up call. You are on dangerous
ground with me, Hallie. We’re leaving.”
They are in a silent showdown of wills, staring into each other’s
eyes as the group of teenagers she had been socializing with walk by, taunting
them. “Hey, look at the lovebirds! They’re standing under the mistletoe. You
guys better kiss or you’ll have bad luck.”
Troy’s gut lurches. Hallie’s eyes widen. As if they choreographed
this moment, they each slowly look up to confirm the validity of the teenager’s
When their eyes meet next, he expects to see fear or anger. Those
would be preferable to the confused longing reflected in her green eyes. It’s
only there briefly, but he’d seen it. It’s a stupid tradition. It means
nothing. He should walk away. He will walk away.
And then she licks her lips… slowly… sensuously. It’s an
invitation and one he is helpless to resist. His brain shuts down, turning the
moment over to the rest of his body. Their eyes are locked and he watches for
even a hint of fear… a hint that she doesn’t want this. What he sees instead
is eagerness as her kissable lips part as excitement jumps in her eyes.
Suspecting he will never have this opportunity again, Troy closes
the distance between them, lowering his lips to hers. The kiss is gentle…
chaste even, right up until he feels Hallie’s arms circling his waist, tucked
under his suit jacket, his dress shirt the only fabric preventing skin on skin
connection. When she hugs him to her, Troy’s control slips and the kiss turns
to pure passion. He can taste the liquor on her tongue as she uses it to invade
his own open mouth. The effects of her intimate proximity has him pressing his
body into her own, trapping her against the unforgiving closed door. The added
friction of their pressed bodies has his cock growing thick with desire to
plunder her sexy body.
The kiss is too short. The hoots and catcalls of the surrounding
teenagers remind Troy they have an impressionable audience. With great effort,
he pulls out of her warm embrace, taking a few seconds to burn the memory of
her flushed face into his memory to call up later when he has time to think
things through more clearly.
He briefly contemplates apologizing, but he’ll be damned if he’s
going to apologize for something that felt so perfect. It would have been a lie
anyway. He’s not sorry at all. Cupping her face gently in the palm of his hand,
he tries to regain control over the moment. “Hallie, honey. Open your eyes for
She takes a few long seconds before she complies. He’s relieved to
see the heat he’d felt in her still smoldering in her bubbling green eyes.
“That’s my girl. It’s late. Let me get you home. I don’t want to piss your
uncle off on Christmas Eve.”
At the mention of her uncle, the fire in her eyes begins to douse,
returning her to reality.
“You’re right. We should go.”
His body is still pressing into her. He sees a flicker of
recognition as she acknowledges his hardness pressing into her with a slight
shudder. He finally steps back, willing his dick to retreat before other party
patrons notice. Troy grasps Hallie’s hand in his own and leads her the short
distance back to where Traci stands holding their coats, a smug smile on her
face. He purposefully avoids meeting his sister’s eyes as he grabs Hallie’s
coat first, holding it out to assist her in getting it on before grabbing his
own coat.
Troy needs a few minutes in the cold Colorado air to put out the
flames Hallie Boudreaux had lit. “You ladies stay here. I’ll get the car and
bring it around so you don’t have to walk through the snow in those ridiculous
things you two call shoes. I’ll be right back.”
with that, Troy stalks out into the winter’s night, determined to stay out
there as long as it takes to get back into control before he has to see Hallie

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Snow Angels – by Sabrina York

Snow Angels_SMA Scorching New Release from Sabrina York and a #Tiara #Giveaway

Snow Angels, the final book in the Decadent Calendar Men Series is here!

SNOW ANGELS by Sabrina York
Available December 1st from Decadent Publishing

The last thing Wade Masters wants on his month-long getaway to his sister’s wilderness cabin is company. A wounded warrior, Wade is looking for complete isolation to deal with the tragedy of his life and his screaming guilt.

But company he gets, in the form of Lyssa Salk, a spunky, diminutive massage therapist. Who says she can talk to dead people.

Trapped together in the snowbound cabin, Wade and Lyssa have little else to do but help each other heal, spiritually, physically and sexually.


He probably stayed in the shower too long; the water was turning tepid. But Wade didn’t care. He stepped out and dried off, ruffling his hair with the fluffy towel. He tried to ignore the pink hearts. But it was either pink hearts or Hello Kitty.
He resolved, if he ever visited this cabin again, he would bring his own towels. Something manly.
Camo maybe.
A sharp series of barks brought his head up with a snap.
Bo rarely barked, and then only at a threat.
Wade snapped into gear, wrapping the towel around his waist and stopping in the bedroom to grab his pistol. He’d seen bear tracks and scat on his run and though it was the middle of winter, he knew they could come out of hibernation. They’d been known to break into cabins if they smelled food.
His heart leapt into his throat at the thought of Bo facing a hungry five-hundred pound beast with no protection.
Towel flapping, he pounded down the short hall into the great room of the cabin, expecting the worst. He stopped in his tracks.
It was the worst.
Not a bear.
But an even greater predator.
There, pressed up against the door, cornered by his snarling protector, be-speckled with snow and clutching a mangy backpack, was a woman.
He could tell she was a woman, even though she wore about six coats, one on top of the other, and a knit hat pulled down over her ears. Long black hair escaped from the cap, trailing over her shoulders. But it was the eyes that gave her away, wide and round and fringed with thick lashes. And her chin. It was delicate, dimpled, quivering. Her lips were parted. Her exquisite face pale.
Bo glanced back at him as if crowing, look what I caught! And then edged forward with an ominous growl.
The girl clutched her backpack closer and issued a panicked little peep. She tried to press back into the door, making herself as tiny as she could, but there was no give.
Besides, she was tiny enough.
Like a woodland sprite.
He would have thought her a fairy come in from the woods if he’d had a hint of whimsy in him. And if she hadn’t been wearing everything she owned. He didn’t know much about fairies, but he was pretty sure they had some fashion sense.
Bo’s growl became a snarl, a snap, and the girl warbled a wail. “Please!” she cried. “Call him off!”
Wade snapped his fingers, fully expecting Bo to heel. He’d been methodically trained by a world-renown expert. He always behaved.
He did not.
His hackles rose and he took another menacing step toward the girl. A tear tracked down her cheek. Her entire body shook. “P-please!”
“Bo! Fuß!” The command to heel in the language he’d learned as a puppy, penetrated and Bo licked his muzzle, gave a canine whine and padded to Wade’s side. “Braver Hund.” Wade riffled the scruff of Bo’s beck and gave him a scratch. “Good dog.”
The girl collapsed against the door, but her attention did not waver from Bo, whose hackles were still up. Wade didn’t understand his dog’s reaction. He’d always been friendly to strangers before, more likely to whap them to death with his tail than to so much as growl. But then his gaze fell on the small cage at the girl’s feet and he froze. He could see a hint of the creature inside and he suddenly understood.
She had a cat.
Not only was his solitude shattered by an unwanted female guest, a bedraggled homeless ragamuffin, she’d brought a cat.
He hated cats.



Read all 12 stories in this brand new multi-author series for 2014…and you’ll have a new book-boyfriend for every month of the year!

Off the charts swoon-factor.
Hot heroes.
A man for every month.

Told by some of best authors in the world of romance, the Calendar Men stories have contemporary settings and star strong heroes doing good while
looking great; men pose for a charity calendar to help military families of fallen heroes. Each has his own special reason for wanting to help the fictional Hero Family Fund, and each has his own obstacles to overcome.

January – Outback Dirty by JoAnne Kenrick
February – February Lover by Rebecca Royce
March – Seducing Helena by Ann Mayburn
April – Frontier Inferno by Kate Richards
May – Shockwave by D. L. Jackson
June – The Other Brother by Lucy Felthouse
July – The Letter by Mina Carter
August – Burning Love by Cassandra Carr
September – A Model Hero by Sara Daniel
October – Falling For her Navy SEAL Again by Clarissa Yip
November – Thankful For You by Cindy Spencer Pape
December – Snow Angels by Sabrina York
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Giveaway ends December 31st

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching erotic romance. Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pintrest. Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on Amazon or wherever e-books are sold. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Free Teaser Book: And don’t forget to enter to win the royal tiara!

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Other Books by Sabrina York

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Stand Alone Contemporary Romance
Heartbreak on a Stick


Fierce (A One Night Stand Story)
The last thing Katie expects—when she meets her friend Joy for a girls’ weekend in Vegas to celebrate her divorce—is an ambush. But Joy, determined to get Katie “back on the horse,” has submitted her profile with Madame Eve—who’s found her the perfect man.

Katie doesn’t want another man. She certainly doesn’t want or need confirmation that it’s her fault Mark could never satisfy her.

When Sebastian—scarred by the infidelity of his wife—overhears Katie’s confession, and the fact that she was faithful to her husband for ten years even though he never met her needs, he’s intrigued. More than intrigued. He’s determined to prove to this gorgeous, tempting, fascinating woman that she is not frigid. In fact, she is fierce.

Happy Birthday, Adaline Raine

birthday spanking crew sign
spank addy paddle

Just sending a little love to one of my favorite spanking authors! I hope it’s a fantastic day!

Love in the Rockies – A Corbin’s Bend Valentine’s Day Cover Reveal

I am so excited to be part of this amazing project! Look for some of your favorite characters from the exclusive community of Corbin’s Bend who will be sharing their Valentine’s Day with you in 2015.

It’s going to be a heck of a holiday for these loving, spanking couples!

Cover Reveal…A Brush of Violet by Corinne Alexander

A Brush of Violet
High powered business woman, Violet Walker, has long left her artistic days behind. That is until her best friend, Everleigh Harris, invites her to Corbin’s Bend for an art festival. What Everleigh doesn’t know is that Violet hasn’t been able to paint a single brush stroke since turning her back on her submissive desires and spanking needs in college. When she meets charismatic and drop dead gorgeous Charles her world is turned completely upside down. Will Violet, overworked, burnt out, and in denial of her deepest wants and desires, be able to surrender when love knocks on her door?
Charles Robinson, President of the discipline Board in Corbin’s Bend and longtime resident, adores the community he lives in and the freedom it provides for all who live there. Raised in a traditional family; love and discipline are a way of life for him. There’s nothing he wants more than a marriage just like his parents where spanking and romance go hand in hand, even if that means holding out for true love. Is Violet just the kind of woman he’s looking for?
Will Violet risk the life she’s built for herself in blood, sweat, and tears for the undeniable connection she has with Charles, the utter bliss and contentment she feels when she’s over his lap? Can Charles convince Violet she really can have it all? Will this trip be just what she needs to rekindle all that she has lost since joining the corporate world?


“Charles,” Everleigh called out beside her. “You’re just the person I was hoping to see today. I wanted to introduce you to my friend Violet while we’re here.” Everleigh gave her hand a meaningful squeeze grinning at Charles. “Violet’s the friend I told you about. She came to help with the art fair.”

Charles chuckled and held out his hand. His eyes crinkled around the edges as he smiled. “It’s very nice to meet you, Violet. Ever has told me so much about you.”

Violet was breathless as she took in the tall, dark, and gorgeous man in front of her. At just over six foot tall, clad in a well-tailored suit, he had a commanding presence. Barely having the presence of mind to extend her hand, when she did, the electrical currents raced along her nerve endings.

“It’s nice to meet you, Charles,” she said in an effort to keep her composure. “We were just on our way to turn in forms for the fair, and then Everleigh is going to give me a tour of the place,” she said with a bright smile. Her words came out clear with no hint of the schoolgirl reaction happening inside her.

“I would be happy to take care of the forms for you,” he said, reaching out to take them from her, the warm brush of his hand causing her to shiver. “We’re all looking forward to this event. Everleigh has worked magic to make it happen, and we are so proud of her.”

Ever’s face flushed with pleasure. “Well, I didn’t do it alone,” she said waving off the compliment. I’ve had a lot of help.”

Charles turned his attention back to her. “I’m looking forward to see what you have brought with you to show. I’ve heard how talented you are.”

Her heart stopped at the compliment. Did Everleigh tell everyone how talented I am? She was suddenly sick to her stomach. She felt like such a fraud coming here to an art show, everyone thinking she was so great at it when she hadn’t been able to paint a single painting in years, and it wasn’t even for lack of trying. She had been completely blocked. Her creative energy was gone, dried up. He doesn’t have to know any of that. No one does. You’ll just show you’re old paintings and no one will be the wiser. She forced a polite smile. “Thanks, you’ll have to stop by my booth.”

“You can count on it,” he said, his warm deep baritone a match for the equally warm dark brown of his eyes drawing her in. “Will Everleigh be giving you the community tour after she gives you the clubhouse tour?”

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll have time.” She looked at Everleigh for confirmation. “We’re going to head out after this to take some flyers to some nearby businesses and then maybe head over to Boulder after that to do the same. Hopefully, we’ll draw some additional local interest. We’ve already put ads out on the internet, so hopefully between the two that will be enough,” she added.


“Vi’s here for a week, so plenty of time for that,” Ever interjected.

“Well, if Everleigh doesn’t mind, I would love to give you the full VIP tour around town. If you’re free and willing around lunch time tomorrow, Endelé’s would be the perfect first stop. They have the best Mexican food around.”

Her stomach fluttered at the thought of being taken around town by Charles with all of that authoritative presence focused on her. “That sounds great as long as I’m not needed elsewhere,” she agreed with the caveat. “I’m just not sure what Ever has planned for us tomorrow.”

“Oh no not at all,” Ever said conspiratorially. “I’ll be fine, you go ahead. The tour will be much better with this handsome man leading the way. I have some final touches to put on one last piece that I’m getting ready for the fair, so this actually works out perfectly.”

“In that case, I would love to,” she said with genuine interest.

“Okay, great,” he said cheerfully. I promise you will have a great time. Will eleven a.m. be okay?”

“Yes, perfect.” She couldn’t believe the first day here and things were already taking an interesting turn. It was refreshing to be able to just say yes to a lunch date with no obligations breathing down her neck. It felt so freeing.

Just before he turned away, he said with a wink, “Be sure to have Everleigh show you the room on the main floor that says key code entry only.”

“That sounds mysterious. What is this special access room that I must see?” she asked, curiosity piqued.

“Ohh, I think I’m going to let him show you tomorrow. Trust me it will be much better that way,” Ever said cryptically, with a grin.
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Corinne Alexander is an erotic spanking romance writer who loves nothing more than to snuggle up with a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and a steaming hot erotic romance. She enjoys strong alphas, feisty heroines, and a good old fashioned spanking romance. A Brush of Violet (Corbin’s Bend) is her debut novella. Corinne’s favorite kind of day is when she can slip away into nature to get lost in her daydreams (spinning her fantasies) with the forest floor under her feet, the wind rustling through her hair, and sunbeams kissing her face.

Author Links:

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Don’t Call Me Iron Man – N.D. Wylders


So to make this a little more interesting than just showing off my sexy cover and giving you a quick snippet from my new upcoming release from Decadent, I thought I’d give you some fast five’s at each blog who is featuring my new shiny cover. That way you get to know a bit about the crazy characters and the fantastic world of Sisera that is featured in Don’t Call Me Iron Man. And for this stop you’re going to get a quick glimpse at Nicodemus – the mischievous storyteller who may have been the catalyst…or maybe not…

Fast Five about Nicodemus:

  1. His background is shrouded in mystery.
  2. One never knows where you’ll run across him.
  3. Many say he resembles a wizen gnome.
  4. He has an electric blue spider who makes its home in the brambles of his beard
  5. His cryptic messages are enough to drive Ivan batty.


Once upon a time…there was this guy. A man who had an IQ out of this world and was arrogant enough to give the legendary Tony Stark a run for his money. He had everything he could ever want – a good job, more money than he knew what to do with, and all the sex he wanted – no strings attached. But that all changed on one fateful night…

The last thing Ivan Chugunov expected when he dropped by his favorite haunt for a few brews was to be entertained by a mysterious storyteller. But as he listened to the man’s tale of a prince and an oddity that went by the name of Iron John, he found himself lost in the story…only to awaken in another realm – one with a quest – for him. Repair the purifier vital to all those who lived and retrieve a medical unit. Seemed simple enough and a small enough price to pay to return to his own realm. Well, until he finds out that said ‘LT-1789 unit’ is actually a reclusive cybernetic man. One who will demand his own price of Ivan – three nights of unbridled sexual bliss…with Ivan at his mercy. Only then will he return to the royal clutch. Can Ivan, a man who relishes control above all else, submit to a man who may be more machine than human?



“Where the hell did you come from?” Ivan squeezed the darts in his hand, his heart thudding in his chest. A crackle of change was in the air. One Ivan wasn’t certain he wanted any part of.

“Here. There.” The man shrugged and ran his fingers over the spider’s back. “Everywhere. Nowhere. Take your pick.” The arachnid vibrated before settling down. “Name’s Nicodemus and storytelling is my game.” The gnome’s shrewd gaze seemed to weigh Ivan’s worth before the odd fellow spoke again. “But the question is, are you worthy of the tale?”

Ivan wondered if he should be insulted or intrigued by the man’s taunt. Curiosity won over irritation. “What tale?”

“The one of Iron John. Pay attention, lad!”

Amused by the man’s outburst, Ivan pulled out one of the chairs and sat down mere inches from him. What would it hurt to humor the old guy? “Okay, I haven’t heard a fairytale since I was a boy. Perhaps you could take my mind off my problems for a while.”

“That be the spirit.” Nicodemus winked at him. “But first, there be my cost.”

“You want payment?” Ivan arched a brow. The man interrupted his game of darts, and now he wanted to be paid?

Stroking his hand down his gray beard, Nicodemus sighed. “Of course, nothing in life is free, my boy.”

A smile tugged at Ivan’s lips. “Very true, there’s no such thing as a free lunch as my momma always said.” He pulled out a handful of change and a few folded ones then laid them on the table. “Will this be enough?”

Instead of answering, the storyteller snapped his fingers, and the tarantula jumped from its perch. The spider nipped one of the gold dollar coins Ivan carried for the vending machines at work between his jaws then scurried back to his master.

“And so it begins.” Nicodemus’s eyes brightened as he launched into his tale. “It all happened a long time ago, in a realm far away.”

Ivan tipped his chair back, took a long draw off his beer, and chuckled as the room grew warmer while the light began to dim. Damn, had Shamus slipped something in his drink? It took some effort, but he managed to keep his eyes open and focused on the storyteller. “Don’t you mean ‘Once upon a time’?”


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So a little about me? Well, I’ve been writing for nearly as long as I’ve been able to type. Being dyslexic, my first typing class was a godsend (and yes, my dears it was called typing in those days.) And with the encouragement of my family and a determination to give stories to the voices in my head, I’ve been writing for the past six years.  Initially I started out with erotic romance, BDSM, and menage under another pen name.  All that changed in early 2013, however.  As an avid reader of M/M erotic romance, I finally decided to take the plunge into writing it myself.  But to keep my readers happy, I have  decided to split my work between two identities. Most of my contemporary erotic romance, BDSM and Menage books will still be written under my Dakota Trace pen name, while almost all of my M/M work will appear under N.D. Wylders. 


When I’m not clacking away at the keyboard, I’m riding herd over my three children,  great-niece and nephews. But if I have the  time… you may find me in the kitchen cooking up something delicious, tinkering around on the computer with cover art, or simply devouring the latest M/M romance book on my e-reader.   


But I’m never too busy to talk to my readers, so feel free to hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or even through my website.  












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