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Razor! by Jon Keys


When the world crashes down around your ears, sometimes all you can do is punt and hope for the best. That’s exactly what James and Micah decide to do when one of them is diagnosed with cancer, and the other discovers a serious heart defect. When the doctor tells them to start working on their bucket lists, the two take a trip in an effort to create some good memories, and forget the ugly truths, while they focus on their time in each other’s arms.

Their vacation turns into much more than they anticipated when they find themselves drawn to a club like sailors to a siren. Several sexy waiters, some unforgettable lap dances, and one whip-wielding stud later, they stumble upon the answer to their prayers. Their sex is wild again, and the pair find themselves living for tomorrow. But with every answer comes questions, and Micah’s search for more may destroy them both.


Micah made the landing and stood watching James ascend. A few seconds later, he reached the top and looked around. They found themselves outside a door almost as dark as the night, set into a wall of Cimmerian brick that disappeared into the gloom on either side. The doorman standing beside it was equally striking. He stood taller than James’s six feet, and wore only a black leather kilt and heavy boots that seemed to consume the lower part of his muscular legs. No one would dare challenge the man. His torso rippled in ways James had never seen before. His face was rugged, covered with a few days’ scruff trimmed precisely along his jawline. Before he could think of what they should do, the doorman spoke.

“Welcome to Razor. What’s your pleasure tonight?”

James stood speechless as the deep bass of the man’s voice resonated through the night. “The music. The music is wonderful. We caught it from a few blocks off and wanted to hear more.”

A smile emerged on the man’s face and changed him from executioner to guardian. “Of course, the music. You’ve found the right place. Just in time, too. Tonight is drawing to a close.”

He grasped the bronze door pull that was easily as long and thick as James’s forearm and opened the massive door with little apparent effort. He motioned them into the portal with a wave. “Go. Enjoy yourself.”

The pair moved toward the opening and peered inside. The room was dim, except for an empty stage bathed in warm light. James noticed the musical trio creating the instrumentals that had lured them through the foggy night. They glanced back to the grinning bouncer who encouraged them forward with a nod.

They stepped into the room and paused to take it in. From the elaborately carved dark mahogany bar lined with every imaginable type of liqueur, to the lovingly worn floor that had seen thousands of pairs of feet during its existence, it was all club. The couple moved inside as the door closed behind them with scarcely a whisper.

As they studied the room, two things struck James. First, they were the only customers. Second, everyone else in the room wore very little and were male. Their smiling waiter stepped to their table. James swallowed hard as he looked at the man standing before him. He dressed in the same boots as the bouncer, which were buckled to just below his knees. The remainder of the waiter’s clothing consisted of a black leather jockstrap filled to capacity.

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Expecting Surrender by Trent Evans

Expecting SurrenderThank you for having me over to your blog today, Kate!

My newest erotic romance, Expecting Surrender, is finally complete and published. I asked Kate if she’d be willing to let me post about it on her blog and she was kind enough to say yes

This book is something I haven’t seen much of, which is an exploration of how a married couple navigate their increasingly intense D/s dynamic with the joys — and difficulties — of pregnancy. I hope you’ll have a look at it;)

Read on for the description, excerpt and buy links. Thanks again, Kate!

Product Description,

They’d called it The Game. An intriguing truth or dare, a little spice to an already hot sexual chemistry between two married professionals. But what started as a mere game evolved into something so much more, a dark, exciting adventure into serious power exchange. It soon became the center of their lives, the beating, lust-fueled heart of their sexual relationship.

It was an exploration of pleasure, of pain, of elemental desire. A married couple diving deep into the waters of Dominance and submission. Like forbidden fruit, The Game had opened their eyes to the primal drives, the animal lusts lurking within each of them — and they knew they’d never be the same again.

Then came the day she’d received the surprise news… in the form of a positive pregnancy test.

Now Keihl and Kirsten, deeply in love, facing a profound, joyful change in their lives, must contemplate the prospect of putting aside The Game, just when things are really heating up. After all, pregnancy and BDSM are utterly incompatible. Right?

Or was there a way to have both? Perhaps Kirsten’s pregnancy might open up an entirely new world to them within the alluring, lust-drenched context of a loving, yet strict, Dominance and submission dynamic? Perhaps the pregnancy might change them both in ways neither of them yet understand?

Two lovers will discover if Dominance and submission, if pain and pleasure, and finding the real people they are inside is indeed still possible, now that a baby is on the way…

Publisher’s Warning: Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This is a contemporary MF BDSM erotic romance. The novel contains the following themes: explicit sexuality, pervasive D/s, exhibitionism, spanking, bondage, and other BDSM activities. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book.

Word count: 134,520 words.
Page Count: 470 pages


“Jesus Christ,” Keihl breathed, his eyes wide.
Kirsten strolled around the table to stand next to her husband. His eyes followed her as if his head were on a swivel.
“What — what are you up to?” He reached out for her, and she grasped his wrist. She moved his hand under the brief black robe she’d changed into, the long, lithe legs he so admired fully exposed to his gaze. The hem barely covered her ass, and as his fingers explored beneath it, his eyes registered the heated surprise of finding she hadn’t a stitch on underneath it.
“I need you to tell me.”
“Tell you what?” His eyes rose to hers.
“If you’ll do it. I need to know before I go any further.”
A flash of something flickered through his gaze, and she feared it might all be ruined. Killed before it could ever begin.
“Sit down.” He indicated the chair next to him with a slight movement of his head.
“Answer me, Keihl. Please.”
If he said what she knew he was about to say, she would die. Just die. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way! But she’d seen it. The doubt. The uncertainty. She knew her husband well, and that look, that hint of the clever mind that whirled behind those bewitching eyes, spoke volumes. He was going to back out.
“If you want my answer, you’ll sit down,” he said, his voice rougher. “Come on, sit.”
She fought the tears that wanted to form behind her eyes. She shrugged, her shoulders heavy, and sank to her seat.
“I’ll do it.”
“Look, maybe this was all a mist—” Her mouth gaped, and she felt her heart squeeze to a halt. “What?”
“I said, I’ll do it, Kirsten.” His mouth was a thin line, but his eyes blazed, boring into her with the powers of acute observation she knew served him well in the courtroom.
Mostly, those eyes just made her want to jump his bones.
“Oh… okay,” she whispered, her head tilted downward. “Are you … sure?”
“There’s something you need to know first.”
The other shoe. There was always something else. Just as her dream looked to be coming to life, the delicious possibilities of fantasy laying themselves out before her, the harsh sting of reality was ready to dispel it all.
“I’ve been talking to someone about … things like this.”
“You — what?”
He nodded. “Tom.”
“You’ve got to be joking. Tom? As in ‘Doctor Tom’?”
“What did he tell you?” She sat back in her chair, pulling the robe closed over her blatantly displayed cleavage.
“Don’t,” Keihl said, shifting forward and grasping one of her hands in his. She clamped onto him firmly, eager for his touch, even though her subconscious was registering the danger ahead.
“Did you tell him about—” she swallowed, looking away “—this?”
“No, never,” Keihl said, his jaw clenching.
The vehemence with which he said it gave her some small reassurance. The thought of Keihl and Tom talking about what The Game had been evolving into made her feel — awkward.
Aren’t you looking for ‘hot fucking pissed’?
But she knew that wouldn’t quite be the truth though. It should be, but it wasn’t. She’d always liked Tom and Sharon, though she wondered why Keihl didn’t express interest in the four of them doing much together as couples. She’d guessed it was simply a matter of Keihl needing friends that were separate from them. Neutral ground. Like Joely was for her.
Now, she wasn’t so sure there wasn’t something else to it.
“He wanted me to tell you about him and—”
“What did you tell him?”
Keihl frowned at her, his eyes darkening. That look always elicited equal parts irritation and arousal in her. It was different, now. There was a heated weight to that gaze. As if it were a signal of something ahead.
“I already told you — nothing. Don’t interrupt me, Kirsten. We need to talk about this. It’s important.”
She closed her mouth on the retort trying to claw its way out.
Stop with trying to prove your feminist bona fides, Kirsten.
That tone made her pussy tingle. It was as if he were speaking to a little girl. A disobedient little girl. She felt like such a slut, thinking about sex at that particular moment. But the whole conversation revolved around sex, and she couldn’t help herself.
“He and Sharon.” He rubbed at his chin, long fingers tracing his strong jaw. “They live a lifestyle — similar to what you said you were interested in.”
Kirsten felt her heart skip a beat and excited butterflies begin their frantic fluttering in her belly. “Okay. Why are you telling me this?”
“Because, some of what they do.” He looked away for the first time. “I’m not sure I could do. To you.”
She swallowed, elation and nervousness warring within her. How was it possible? She put her hand to her lips, nibbling on the tip of her finger.
“With the baby and everything.” His eyes darted downward for the briefest of moments. “Maybe the time isn’t right for all this?’
“Keihl.” She sat forward, her grip on his hand tightening. “I don’t want you to worry about the baby.”
“Why not?” The note of frustration in his tone surprised her. “I can’t very well be beating your ass red with you nine months pregnant, can I?”
She inhaled sharply at the imagery his words elicited in her mind. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one harboring such thoughts.
“Well, no, you probably can’t.” It was her turn to look away, and she felt the heat at her cheeks. “I’ve been doing some — reading.”
“Reading?” His lips curved slightly.
“Yes.” She locked eyes with his, willing herself to stay calm. “As long as we aren’t too rough, we can do quite a bit, even into late stage pregnancy.”
Keihl stared at her a moment, then reached for his glass, sipping.
“Besides. You won’t even want to touch your bloated wife anyway. So this is all academic.”
He set his glass down, hard. “Stand up.”
She let go of his hand and stood, her fingers clamping the edge of the table in an effort to steady herself on trembling legs.
“Closer,” he said, spreading his knees.
She moved within the span of his legs. Her legs felt about as stable as a ladder in soft sand. The five inch heels she’d chosen as part of her outfit didn’t help in that regard either.
He stared up at her, his eyes flashing, mouth a hard line. “I don’t want to hear you say that again.”
“It’s true, isn’t it?” Her voice quavered. She remembered what Joely had told her about her own pregnancy. The thought made her blood run cold. Rejection.
“Maybe for some men. But not for me.” He pulled at the sash, and flicked the robe open, almost as if the clothing bothered him. His gaze coursed down her body, and she closed her eyes, the warm coiling beginning deep within her belly.
“This body.” He reached up and lay a hand at the base of her throat. “Is beautiful. And it will be even more beautiful when you’re swollen with our baby.”
She shook her head, at once hopeful that maybe he was telling the truth, and at the same time fearing he was just telling her what he thought she wanted to hear.
“Some men.” He shook his head, frowning. “Well, let’s just say some of them don’t know a good thing when they see it.”
His hand meandered down her body, the fingertips slipping under the edge of the robe to ease one breast fully out from behind the fabric. He ran the back of his knuckles across her nipple, once, twice. It pebbled almost instantly, his touch like electricity on her flesh.
“These,” he said, grasping the nipple firmly between thumb and finger. “They’ll turn darker, and get longer and wider.”
She bit her lower lip as he squeezed.
“They’re already long though, aren’t they?”
She averted her eyes. She’d always been embarrassed by her prominent nipples. She’d usually had a difficult time finding the right bra that would completely conceal them. Once she met her husband it had become even more difficult. Just the smell of his cologne as he brushed by would be enough to have them stand up for him.
“But in a few weeks, mmm, they’ll be even better.”
“You won’t even notice,” she mumbled. Her pulse thumped in her neck, so strong she swore even he could hear it.
“That’s what you think,” he said, moving the robe off both shoulders, letting it fall to bunch at her elbows. “I’ll keep track of all of it. I’ve been thinking about this.”
She squeezed her eyes tight as he brushed the pads of his thumbs across both erect nipples. It was just the lightest of touches, exactly the way he knew would make her fly apart. It felt as if two vibrating cords were being drawn out from the tips of her breasts when he did that.
“Sensitive are they?”
She nodded, a tiny whimper escaping her plump lips.
“Better get used to that, girl.” He flicked one of them, and she jerked at the unexpected sting. He looked back up at her, grinning. “See? I barely touched you. Poor Kirsten.”
She frowned down at him. “Now you’re just being mean.”
“Something else you’d better get used to,” he said, his grin disappearing.
A frisson of nervousness raced down her spine. She began to wonder if she might be biting off a little more than she could chew here.
His hands took both of her soft breasts, giving them a hard squeeze before they moved lower, swirling over her belly. Fingertips traced the central line of her abdomen, explored the well of the navel.
“Enjoy that while you can,” she said with a rueful quirk of her lips.
“Just a few more weeks.” He leaned forward to lay his lips against the smooth flesh of her belly.

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Christmas Afternoon Delight -Free this weekend!

LilyInChains_1300x2000Christmas Afternoon DelightSaturday Spankings-467x200
He sat back on the edge of the bed and reached for her arm. Pulling her to him, he stroked her hair back from her forehead, but his jaw was set, and she sensed that he wasn’t placated.
“I’m sorry, I can see I upset you, sir.”
“Yes,” he said with a deep sigh. “You did.”
“I don’t know what to say, sir.” She thought quickly, and a daring idea formed. “I must be punished.”
He quirked one dark eyebrow at her. “And why would you say that is? Why would you require punishment for an old letter?”
Lily knelt so that she could look directly in his face, then she dropped her eyes and murmured, “I must be punished because I worried you, sir. I upset you.”
He shook his head. “Yes, you are correct.
“Then, sir, I am at your disposal.”
“I have a punishment in mind—one we discussed on the phone the other day.”
There had been several, but she had a feeling she knew which one he meant.
“Number seven then, sir?” she said, referring to the list of punishments they had discussed beforehand. Please don’t let it be that one.

Christmas Afternoon Delight is free on Amazon this weekend only! It is the prequel to my brand new release from Decadent Publishing…Lily in Chains. the first of a whole new series of tales from the Carnivore Club.

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Lily in Chains is here!

Blurb: For Barry, the opportunity to help build the newest Las Vegas resort, the BDSM focused Carnivore Club offers the chance to put aside two years of longing for the sub who ran away. In the glittering city in the desert, he could make a new start and a new life. The gift of a 1Night Stand from his mysterious partner in the endeavor

Lily’s fears drove her away from the man of her dreams. In fact, she ran all the way home to learn her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and needed her help. After two years of caring for her mother, they lost the fight and Lily was cast adrift to once again pick of the threads of her life. Terrified she’d flee the instant things got too intense, Lily asks Madame Eve to help her set up a date with a Dom. If she can handle one night with a stranger, maybe she can return to Barry and beg him to take her back.

Excerpt: Lily slipped the silver bangle into her pocket—she wouldn’t wear it until she’d confirmed her readiness to be his—and stared in the mirror. Three years older than the last time she’d seen him, with faint shadows under her eyes from bouts of crying. With the funeral the week before, her responsibilities to her mother were over. She’d never again need her help to dress or shampoo her wigs, to take her meds, a ride to the hospital for chemo….
Cancer was a bitch way to die.
The day after her mother’s passing, she’d filled out the online application for a date through the 1Night Stand service. Expecting it to take weeks, maybe months, to fill her very specific request, she’d been shocked at the immediate response.
She’d contacted Madame Eve, begged to change the date of her one-night stand with a Dom, but the e-mail reply had stated that the arrangements would be difficult to change. If she cancelled, it would likely be a long time before another date of this type could be scheduled. And this was to be the test. She planned to return to home, to the original Carnivore Club and beg Barry to take her back…. She didn’t expect him to agree, but she had to try
If…and this was a big if…she could survive a single night with a Dom without feeling the urge to run. So many emotions had opened during the one afternoon and night she’d spent with Barry, she hadn’t been able to deal with the outpouring. She’d had no idea what she’d taken on and, beset with hysterics after he left, she’d fled. Home. To her mother, like all grownups do.
It hadn’t taken long to realize her mistake, but her mother’s diagnosis of leukemia suddenly made her presence a necessity. There had been ups and down, but at last the disease had its slow, painful way with her mother, stripping her of flesh and spirit before it stripped her of life. Despite a sometimes contentious relationship over the years, Lily and her mother had fought the battle together. And lost.
Lily was free again. Free to pursue the man who had haunted her dreams for four long years. If he had time for a scared bunny of a sub who’d left without a word and hadn’t had the courage to contact him since.
But if she could survive this one night—put herself at the feet of a strange Dom and do his bidding, be his to do with as he pleased for one night—she felt sure she could fling herself at Barry’s feet. Sub, slave…pet. She’d done a lot of research in four lonely years and while she did not see herself in a role other than submissive to his Dominant, she’d agree to anything to be his.
Buy Links:
5.0 out of 5 stars Sweet fun and Sexy! January 20, 2015
By Kristin E.
Verified Purchase
Oh wow. Lilly in Chains was such an incredible book. The characters were thought out and done very well. I could see myself being friends with Lilly. There was so much tension and emotion that I really felt for the characters. This was a sexy emotional short book that will leave you wanting more of this amazing couple. I really hope there will be more of Barry and Lilly. I loved this story. The only downside is that it was over too soon.

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24 hour Wooden Spoon Challenge – The Naiad, A Cookie Club Romance

Wooden Spoon Challenge
I accepted the challenge and found the prologue to my next Cookie Club Romance! If you’d like to read the other stories, the links are here:
There are many more to come, I think…as the challenges go on, but here is the first bit of The Naiad

“Oh, look, Cecilia! It’s the cutest little store.”
Hannah smoothed her black apron printed with the store logo, Sensual Delights as the two women pushed through the doorway and crooned over the display of soaps and bath salts, candles and other good smelling things. The woman who’d first noticed her place of business lifted a lavender scented candle in a bell jar and sniffed.
“Oh, this is lovely.” She waved it toward Hannah. “Are you having an after Christmas sale?”
Hannah rolled her eyes. As did most of the travelers coming through town on their way to the ski slopes this time of year, the pair were clad in stretchy pants and long clingy sweaters, and they had plenty of money to pay her full price. But also at this time of year, the customers felt that everything should be as close to free as possible.
It sucked out the bit that was left of her holiday spirit. But she twisted her lips in the best imitation of a smile she could muster and led Cecilia and her friend to a table where she’d marked down a number of items.
None of them were spelled.
Hannah’s best products held magical properties that drew the customers, that called to them. She noted that the first woman still held the lavender candle in her hand, probably unaware. She needed peace, serenity in her life, but her desire to save a few dollars warred with her true desires.
She spent many of her off hours reconfiguring the spells in her late aunt’s book of shadows and sought to use them for the benefit of family, customers…and of course her friends from the cookie club. Sometimes things backfired, but with the wild designs the local nail salon inflicted on people, blue and black striped nails simply seemed to be a fashion statement. And if her cookies intended to up a kindergarten class’s interest in good, healthful milk caused her sexy next door neighbor to forget his lactose intolerance…well it was a small price to pay.
As the two skiers pawed through the sale table, the bell above the door rang—odd because it hadn’t been working in quite some time—and a thin woman stumbled in. Gangly, blonde hair in a long braid down her back, she glanced from left to right. Who did she think to find in the store? At first, Hannah thought she was a teenager, but the fine lines by her eyes placed her at least in her late twenties. Her parka was unzipped to reveal a bump under the sweater underneath.
But rather than the glowing joy she expected to see in a pregnant woman, the woman radiated anxiety, and the hand that repeatedly went to her belly clutched rather than caressed. Even when she’d been abandoned by the father of her own child, Pansy, she’d never felt as bad as she sensed this mother-to-be did.
Closing her eyes, she muttered a spell and then opened them again. As she’d hoped, the bedraggled woman reached for a pair of tapers held together by a single wick. Their scent of lilac, the scent of mother’s sacrifice, and orange blossom, the traditional wedding flower told her what she needed to know.
Soon the bargain shoppers wandered out the door without buying anything and since nobody else was there, Hannah came around the corner and approached the young pregnant woman.
“Would you like to buy the candles?”
She seemed startled, her hand jerking and one of the candles snapping away. “No, I can’t, that is I….”
Hannah took her elbow and steered her toward the back of the shop. “You don’t have the funds?”
The woman nodded and Hannah settled her in a chair.
“It doesn’t matter. Those are for you. Let me make you some tea. I have a blend of raspberry leaf and peppermint that I enjoyed when I was pregnant with my daughter.”
Hannah turned on the electric kettle and measured tea into the blue ceramic pot. Soon they sat side by side, sipping the beverage—even not pregnant, Hannah found it tasty. In fact, very tasty. Her guest had a sad tale of abandonment, just like her, but Hannah now was in a relationship with the wizard next door and he wasn’t going anywhere.
She patted the girl’s back and made comforting sounds as outside the blue sky clouded and the first fat drops of rain began to fall. And fall, until a downpour pounded on the roof, lighting streaked across the sky and thunder growled.
“Wow,” she said. “Snow flurries were predicted, but this rain is a surprise. I would have said it was too cold for rain.
Marie—her guest—turned a mournful face on her, tears streaking down her cheeks. “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your listening to me.” A fresh wash of moisture poured from her eyes and outside the rain sheeted down the window. “I never dreamed I’d find myself in this position. When I left my spring—” Marie froze, her eyes filled with alarm. “I have to go.”
Holy cow. “Wait, you don’t have to leave. You’re a naiad, right?” And the first one she’d met, but the water nymph’s tears seemed to correspond with the weather. Even more than common kindness, she feared if she didn’t stop her, the town would be flooded.
Wide eyes and a trembling chin confirmed her suspicions, and Hannah hurried to hug the girl “Marie, you don’t have to be frightened. We’re all friends here and if you need help, to get back to your spring, or a place to stay until you have your baby, just calm down. We can make it work.”
Jerrin would shake his head and scowl, but in the end her formerly jet-setting wizard would support her decision. His kind heart had overwhelmed his cold, ritzy upbringing.
“I…I couldn’t!” Marie said. As tears continued to flow, a puddle formed at her feet. “It would be too much trouble. I’ll just find a motel room or somewhere until I can figure out what to do. Alroy comes through here every year. He has a daughter here; the mother won’t let him see her though.”
God. Hannah leapt to her feet and gaped at her visitor. “Alroy. Traveling wizard? Came to town, spent a few nights….and you ended up pregnant?” The bastard!
She sniffed. “Yes, but he doesn’t know about the baby and I don’t have any other way to get in touch with him. He says his daughter’s mom is a real ballbuster.”
Rage suffused Hannah and in her belly her second daughter, this one Jerrin’s, somersaulted. She gave her bulge a pat and sucked in a breath. “We have a lot to talk about, Marie.” She thrust out a hand. “Meet the ballbuster. And if Alroy’s been through here, he’s never had the guts to stop by.”
“Oh, no!” The waterworks increased, as the little nymph dropped her head to the counter and wept as if her heart would break. “This was my only hope. I can’t go back; my tribe won’t accept the halfling baby until she’s old enough to determine whether she has the water genes. And that’s at least five or six years old.”
Hannah thought quickly. She and Jerrin still had their two houses, side by side, although they spent most nights in hers—depending on how his remodeling efforts went. Her sexy amazing wizard was trying to fix the decrepit place up “the human way,” with varying degrees of success. But the downstairs was done, and there was no reason Marie couldn’t hole up in the den until she had somewhere else to go. Another thought occurred.
“Marie, I don’t know any other naiads personally, only by reputation, so I don’t want to offend but since you have nowhere else to go, what do you think about working here for a bit? My assistant was called away to take care of her ill sister, and I could use the help.”
Marie blinked at her. “You would do that for me?” The tears slowed, giving Hannah hope for the town’s future without arks
“Your baby is my Pansy’s sister. And my unborn daughter’s distant cousin. And I once was where you are now.”
Wiping her eyes, thankfully no longer spilling crystal droplets, Marie sniffled. “You are pregnant with another wizard’s child? I may be naïve, but even I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.”
Hannah didn’t take offense. The naiad’s comment was exactly what she might have said when she was pregnant with Pansy. “My wizard is not anything like his cousin. In fact, he’s not anything like the rest of the family. When we have more time, I will tell you all about it, but I think when you meet him, you’ll understand. Alroy has charismas; he’s charmed the pants off more than just you and I although I am not aware of other children. Jerrin is…well, he’s special.” Just how special, she couldn’t even express. But his behavior would speak for itself. “Look, it’s getting dark out and I can close just a little early. All the tourists are off the slopes and back at the lodges cleaning up for dinner somewhere.”
She moved to the front of the store and flipped the sign to closed, spinning the lock. As she began to turn away, a movement across the street caught her eye. A lean figure strode along, looking neither left nor right, and she swallowed hard. Should she tell Marie what she’d seen? How could further contact with the man who’d abandoned them both be helpful. As she stared, he disappeared around a corner and she doubted her own eyes. Perhaps it had been another man of his general build. After all, she hadn’t seen Alroy in nearly seven years.
It was logical her imagination might be getting away from her under the circumstances. What she couldn’t understand was why the wizard had even shared that he had a daughter with the naiad. What she’d managed to glean about him hadn’t been from his own lips . In fact, she’d learned more from Jerrin who barely knew his customer than she’d learned from the man who’d shared her bed and given her a child.
“Marie,” she asked, pulling the heavy draperies over the window behind the display of bath and body products, “how long were you and Alroy together?”
Marie poured tea into the delicate china cup and took a long sip. “About a year. I met him in the forest near my home while I was berry picking one summer day, a year and a half ago. Then he turned up again the next day and the next.” She drank more tea, her eyes glazed in memory. Hannah could almost see the pretty nymph and Alroy among the trees and meadows. Marie had the gift of projection.

Bright summer sun streamed through the leaves as the slim girl, long hair waving in the breeze, danced naked around the trees and splashed through a stream. Alroy chased her, laughing, his face open in a way she’d never seen. In the brighter light, the greenish blue of the girl’s complexion glowed with health. She ducked under a branch and crouched beside a low bush heavy with crimson berries. The wizard slowed, prowling, peering left and right, calling her name and tugging his black shirt off as he moved
“Come here, nymph.” He brushed aside a branch that blocked his path and paused, listening. “I will have you today.”
Marie panted, both eager for him and frightened. It would be her first time, and it would be today, he was right. No warnings from the elders could keep her from him, the one meant for her. Standing, she stepped from behind the bush and stood, hands at her sides. With a growl, Alroy leapt for her and swept her into his arms. She cried out but parted her lips in welcome for his kiss. He bore her to the ground and buried his face in her throat, murmuring endearments.

Hannah gasped and wrenched herself from the intimate vision. The heat she’d seen in Alroy’s eyes, through Marie’s perspective, the quirk in his full lips, there’s been none of that in his casual, charming seduction of her. If Alroy was indeed in town, he wasn’t there to see her or Pansy. He followed his true mate, even if he didn’t know it. And while Jerrin was all the father her daughter needed, one day she’d want to know more about the man who’d given half her biological material.
Everything had changed. The universe spun on, offering its twists and turns and once again, she’d never seen it coming. Her Cookie Club friends would never believe this one!

If you’d like to read the already released Cookie Club Stories click here for more information

‘Twas the Night Before Spankmas Part 2

Two-Dads-for-Christmas-high-resThis story is the completion of what was originaly posted here on Ana’s Advent Calendar. I asked for readers to help me complete the story and so here is the full version. Merry Christmas to all of my readers and friends! May it be the merriest ever!
<candy cane vibrator
’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the dungeon
Missy Sue had strewn greenery to fight winter’s doldrums
The floggers were hung on their hooks with great care
In hopes that someone playful might soon be there
And Missy Sue in her nightie
And her Sir, hand raised to slap
Were settled on the sofa
She was over his lap

The sharp buzz of the doorbell jerked Missy Sue out of her daze. With her silky red Christmas nightie lifted over her back and her bare bottom stinging from the holiday spanking Kevin called her first present, she glared at the door. Their new cat, Barlow, rode past on the Roomba, further breaking the mood.
“Don’t answer it.” She drew a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to regain the space she so enjoyed. The scent of the Christmas tree just a couple of feet from her nose and the spicy mulled wine on the stove combined with the flickering Yule log in the fireplace to create a magical ambiance for their first Christmas as husband and wife. “It’s probably more of those freaky neighbors. Mr. Anderson was chasing old lady Hendrix when Mrs. Blakely caught him, and they all groped at each other then disappeared into his house.” What was it about an old wrinkled fellow of at least eighty in light-up Rudolph boxers that brought out the animal in the ladies?
He brought his hand down in a sharp swat and she jumped. “You topping from over my lap, Missy?”
She shook her head. “No, sir, it’s just that…owww.”
“I hate to say it but they might call us freaky if they got a look at the Kinky Kingdom downstairs.”
“At least we keep in in the house!”

From out on the porch there arose such a rapping
Kevin swooped her to her feet and gave her bottom a whapping
Away to the doorway she flew like a flash
Peeked through the peephole
And opened the door with a clash
The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Gave a luster of midday to objects below
When what to her wondering eye should appear
But a special surprise from Kevin so dear
With a tall sexy lady so gorgeous and sweet
She knew in a moment she was her Christmas treat
Her eyes how they twinkled,
Her dimples so merry
Her cheeks were like roses
Her nose like a cherry

The cold air whipped around them but Missy was stunned to ecstatic silence. On the steps stood the sexiest blonde witch ever, their good friend and sometimes playmate, in a long, black coat open to reveal an elegant red wrap dress molded to her voluptuous breasts, with a wide black leather belt along her small waist and flaring over her hips. Her arms were filled with boxes and she had a twinkle in her eye. “Regine!” This must be her second present! “I thought you were in Florida on business…when did you get back?”
“Merry Christmas, Regine.” Kevin appeared beside her, chuckling. “Let me take some of those packages from you.” He relieved her of all of them and added a lingering kiss to her lips.
Missy watched with pleasure.
Their friend was a switch, which made for interesting times, since she never knew until they got started which role the blonde was taking
Missy’s cheeks heated, but Regine, with her arms now free, used them to embrace Missy, holding her tight and dipping her head to press her chilled lips against hers. Missy shivered from the cold and the kiss and slipped rapidly back toward the subspace she’d been riding when the doorbell rang. Regine’s tongue teased her lips apart and lapped the inside of her mouth with the same slow strokes she’d used on several occasions when Missy was tied down, her legs spread eagled and her pussy bared to….
“Missy!” Kevin’s firm voice drew her back again. What was it about these two together who could send her off into places she’d never dreamed even existed. Places of mindless ecstasy, of endless orgasms, of…. She gulped and tried to even her breathing as Regine left one arm wrapped around her waist, only stepping aside to shrug off her coat and hang it on the coatrack and they moved over to the fireplace together. Kevin closed the door with a click and flicked off the lights. Behind them, she heard the rustle as he laid the gifts under the tree with the others. Even though Regine hadn’t agreed to spend the holidays with them, claiming she didn’t want to come home from her meetings for a few days and have to fly right back to Florida,
Only the multicolored glow of the twinkling tree lights and the red-orange flames of the burning log provided any illumination. Missy’s heart thudded in anticipation of their night together. When Kevin took her arm and drew her down to the fluffy rug in front of the hearth, she noticed he still held one small package wrapped in shiny red paper tied with a giant gold bow.
He lifted it and showed it to Regine, who’d followed them down and sat on the rug on the other side of Missy. “This the one?”
Regine nodded and smiled, showing so many teeth, Missy knew she was in trouble. They’d gone from A Visit from Saint Nicholas to another sort of tale entirely.
“My what big teeth you have,” she murmured and the other two laughed.
“The better to eat you with, my darling,” Regine replied in kind, and Missy’s stomach flipped.
Regine urged her to sit up and grasped the hem of her silky nighty. She tugged it over her head and Missy sat naked between the two people she would most choose to spend Christmas with. Regine still wore her red dress, which draped over her over-the-knee heeled black leather boots and her handsome husband his maroon robe unbelted over black silk pajama pants tented with his erection. Her mouth watered…for both of them.
But her eyes were drawn to the wrapped gift. “Sir…what is it?”
He grinned at Regine and winked. “How would I know? Perhaps you should ask Regine.” He knew, the devil, but he was like a child at Christmas. In fact, she’d fallen in love with him on their third date when he invited her to dinner and they ended up driving around town instead, admiring Christmas lights.
Still, she could play along. “Regine, what’s in the box?”
Rather than answering, the blonde bent past her to kiss Kevin and the issue of a gift drifted into the back of Missy’s mind. The flames in the fireplace cast their faces in shadow, but surrounded them in a halo of light. Dark hair and pale, they were so elegant, so beautiful her heart squeezed in yearning. She felt so ordinary, so earthbound next to them. But, at the same time, Missy soaked in the magic their kiss brought to the night.
To Christmas, the most magical night of the year, when dreams came true.
Kevin and Regine held their kiss for a long, sweet moment. She marveled that no jealousy marred the relationship that grew between the three of them
A relationship.
The first time she’d thought of it in that way.
But it was true. Their times together had stretched from overnights to weekends. And Regine spent more time at their home then her own. Perhaps she didn’t need a separate home? Watching the two break apart and turn to focus on her, she decided to wait until morning. Over their special Christmas pancakes, golden and dripping with real maple syrup. For tonight, she would show them how much she cared by making herself theirs in every way she could think of.
“What do you want of me?”
Regine took the gift box from Kevin and held it out to her. “Merry Christmas, Missy Sue. From Kevin and me.”
In trembling hands, she accepted the package and untied the wide ribbon. A sex toy!
What would it be?
Those red velvet Santa cuffs lined with white fur she’d spotted in the catalogue?
The clit and nipple clips she’d been dying to experience?
A candy cane vibrator?
What fabulous and exotic treat awaited? She gave the box a shake and glanced from Kevin to Regine. The conniving pair lounged on either side with—in Kevin’s case—a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.
Unable to wait a moment more, she ripped the paper from the package and balled it up, tossing it in the fireplace. The flames flared with a blue and orange intensity and caught her attention for a moment before she turned it back to the present on her lap. Opening the top flaps she stared inside in disbelief.
No fur cuffs….no clit and/or nipple clips…not even a vibrator.
Fishing among the brightly colored paper shreds, she drew out a plastic squeeze bottle. “Chocolate syrup?”
Regine’s laughter pealed. “And caramel. And cherries.”
Kevin chuckled. “In fact, everything we need to make a sundae. Well, almost. The whipped cream is in the fridge.”
A little disappointed, she murmured. “And the ice cream is in the freezer, I guess.”
Regine dropped a kiss on her lips. “No ice cream. And the present isn’t really for you.”
Now she was just confused. “Then who is it for?
Kevin kissed her forehead. “It’s for us. We’re going to cover you in toppings then eat.”
“Oh my….” She allowed them to press her back to the floor. “This is going to ruin the rug.”
“We’ll buy another one.”
Her pulse raced as they pulled the toppings out of the box and Regine disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a three-pack of aerosol whipped cream from the local big box store. Along with the chocolate and caramel in squirt bottles, they had purchased a jar of marshmallow fluff, chopped nuts, and a jar of maraschino cherries. A few pieces of silverware, straws…. They were really taking this seriously.
Regine unbelted the big buckle at her waist and let the belt slide to the floor with a wink. Missy shivered. The blonde witch—because it hadn’t just been a costume! Their new playmate was a card-carrying witch who practiced the Craft and could come up with a spell for any occasion—shrugged her dress from her shoulders and it pooled over the belt. Missy felt a bit of relief when it was covered although she had no doubt they would not forget its presence. Soon Kevin and Regine were as naked as Missy. It seemed that while they didn’t mind washing the rug, they didn’t plan to have to wash all their clothes.
Kneeling on either side of her, they each took up a squirt bottle, and she closed her eyes in anticipation.
“Open them, Missy.” Kevin’s Sir voice. Play had officially begun.
“Yes, sir.” She blinked and flicked her gaze from one to the other. Almost in unison, they lifted their bottles and dribbled a stream of chilly sweetness on each of her breasts. Her nipples peaked instantly, but the evil pair continues with their work, painting designs along her torso and over her hips. “Any particular significance to those squiggles?”
Regine nodded. “Magical symbols to bring us all love and happiness in the coming year.” Wow.
Kevin nudged her legs open and squirted a dollop of caramel into her swollen folds. He licked his lips and her breath hitched. “Looking sweet, Missy.” He chuckled. He looked magnificent with the flames flickering off his muscular chest and six-pack. His biceps bulged when he gave a squirt on the base of her throat and set the bottle to the side. Next, he scooped up marshmallow fluff and smeared it over her caramel and chocolate covered nipples.
Regine handed a can of whipped cream to Kevin and they continued their slow torture, squirting it until her torso was covered with a snowy mountain of cream. “Open your mouth, Missy,” she said with a twinkle. When Missy obeyed, Regine filled her mouth to the brim and bent close. She lapped at the creamy sweetness until she reached Missy’s tongue in the mix and then lapped at that until Missy responded in a flurry of pleasure.
While she struggled to draw breath, Regine withdrew and after Kevin added a sprinkling of chopped nuts to her breasts, Regine followed with a cherry on each and they leaned back and smiled at each other.
“What a picture,” Kevin said. “Seems a shame to mar its perfection.”
“You look do look perfect, sweetie, but my mouth is watering to taste that cherry.” Regine bent and lifted the cherry off the nearest nipple with her teeth, the layers of cream and syrup keeping her from making any contact at all with Missy’s breast. She lifted a hand to grab her head but Regine tsked. “ No, no, no…. Kevin grab the green package.”
He disappeared and returned, yanking a ribbon off. Missy was glad to see that…she didn’t want to waste any time. From the box came a pair of fur Santa cuffs. “Yes!” she shouted in joy. Santa had read her list!
Helping her to sit slightly, he brought her wrists close together and cuffed them then laid her back down. “Remember, you speak only when spoken to unless it’s your safeword.” They’d all played together often enough limits were set, rules in place, and she trusted them but the safeword was always there…just in case.
“Yes, Sir.”
Regine was stripping the paper from another package Missy hadn’t seen Kevin bring over. Merry Christmas, Missy!” She lifted a candy cane…a candy cane vibrator! Yay, Santa! “Legs a bit wider, please.” Missy obeyed and Regine slid the straight part of the cane in about halfway. “We’ll get back to that.” Oh God. A surge of moisture trickled from her pussy and her inner muscles clamped around the stick. It had several speeds, if it was the one she’d wished for, and the curved end had a second mini clit vibrator.
Regine bent toward her and nuzzled her throat, licking and sucking at the sticky skin then worked her way down over her collarbone and onto the upper curve of her breast. Kevin started at her hip and worked his way up. They gobbled at her, each inch of skin coming alive under their warm mouths and nibbling teeth, rough lapping tongues, until they met at the nipples. Her eyes fluttered but she fought to keep them open—but failed.
“Missy!” Kevin’s sharp rebuke sent a shock through her and she opened her eyes again to see Regine holding her belt. “That will be five strokes of the belt. Keep them open.”
“Yes, Sir.” The belt had to be two inches wide…she’d be striped. Not that that was a bad thing….
“But not now,” Regine said, reaching across Missy’s body to kiss him long and slow. Her heart warmed along with her already flushed body. “We are still enjoying our Missy sundae.”
“I suppose,” he said, smiling down at her. “One thing at a time. Besides, who knows how many more she will earn and we can just take care of that on Christmas morning. I think tonight is for treats.” He bent again and continued to lick the syrups and whipped cream and marshmallow fluff off her skin, heading south this time, toward her aching pussy. Regine returned to laving the sweetness from her nipples,
Kevin shifted to lie between her legs and flicked a switch on the candy cane. The stick began to vibrate and she shuddered in instant pleasure. He lapped at her pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth, nibbling just hard enough to send her close to coming…but she knew better. Her cuffed hands clenched. Regine bit down on her nipple and her tongue flicked at the trapped peak. If she didn’t get to….
Kevin lifted his head and winked at her. “Come, Missy….” She did, with an earth-shattering pleasure that sent her spinning into darkness, shivering and trembling, whimpering while it went on and on and on….
“Missy!” Her eyes fluttered open again.
“Oh, no…how many?”
Regine giggled. “Five. Not because you disobeyed but because I want a turn, too. I had a hard time finding the belt, you know.”
They sat on either side of her again, having moved sometime while she was in the throes of orgasm. Kevin reached between her legs and pushed the vibrating cane all the way in so the short end lay against her clit and flicked the switch again.
“No, it’s too soon, I—”
“Ten more,” they chorused.
“For talking without leave.” Kevin smiled at her. “Just lie there and enjoy the ride. And the view.” He rose and helped Regine to her feet. “While I fuck this lovely lady.” The candy cane hummed between her legs and Missy did as he asked, lay back and watched while in the light and shadow of the fire, the two people she loved best in the world made love to one another.
Kevin sat in the armchair and Regine straddled his lap, taking his hard cock into her and rocking, breasts bouncing. She kissed him and Missy smiled. Just before the candy cane took her into yet another mind-blowing orgasm, she reflected on all the gifts and remembered she still had a spanking to come. And half a dozen presents still under the tree! Maybe those nipple and clit clamps were in there somewhere…. And she had her own gifts for them!
Who said Santa wasn’t real?

Kate Richards always writes a holiday ménage, inspired by all the love in the air. She loves to hear from readers and can be reached at Her holiday ménages, Avalon for Christmas, Two Men and a Virgin, and Two Dads for Christmas are available at and all your favorite online bookstores

Razor! A Beyond Fairytales Cover Reveal

Jon’s Cover Reveal for Razor

Participating blogs:
D L Jackson –
Shiloh Saddler –
Kate Richards –
Catherine Peace –
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Jennah Scott —
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Jon’s Links:

Jon’s blurb and excerpt (Not finalized):

James and Micah both face serious illness. Checking off things from their bucket lists, they find themselves drawn to a club like none they’d ever experienced. From the doorman’s leather kilt, to the waiter’s jockstrap uniform, they thought they had seen it all, when a tower of masculinity in leather and stainless steel walks onto the stage and turns the couples lives upside down and inside out.
Micah made the landing and stood watching James ascend. A few seconds later, he reached the top and looked around. They found themselves outside a door almost as dark as the night, set into a wall of cimmerian brick that disappeared into the gloom on either side. The doorman standing beside it was equally striking. He stood taller than James’s six feet, and wore only a black leather kilt and heavy boots that seemed to consume the lower part of his muscular legs. No one would dare challenge the man. His torso rippled in ways James had never seen before. His face was rugged, covered with a few days scruff trimmed precisely along his jawline. Before he could think of what they should do, the doorman spoke.
“Welcome to Razor. What’s your pleasure tonight?”
He stood speechless as the deep bass of the man’s voice resonated through the night. “The music. The music is wonderful. We caught it from a few blocks off and wanted to hear more.”
A smile emerged on the man’s face and changed him from executioner to guardian. “Of course, the music. You’ve found the right place. Just in time, too. Tonight is drawing to a close.”
He grasped the bronze door pull that was easily as long and thick as James’s forearm and opened the massive door with little apparent effort. He motioned them into the portal with a wave of his hand. “Go. Enjoy yourself.”


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